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Wuhan Tianxiang Shangfu Kindergarten
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  Project Name: Wuhan Tianxiang Shangfu Kindergarten
  Project Location: Donghu High-tech Tianxiang Shangfu Community Supporting Kindergarten in Wuhan
  Project area: indoor 3600㎡ outdoor 2240
  The case design uses British style to create a more natural and warm growth environment for children. This kind of environment is very important for children's growth. Kindergarten is not an amusement park, nor a school. It is a place where children live, a big environment where children are full of interest and vitality, so that children are not resisting and not afraid. In the environment, liberate one's own nature, cultivate self-awareness and interest, and prepare for the next life.
  Renovation of the building's fa?ade on the basis of the original building. According to the British style, the towers, European lines, windmill guards, chimneys, etc. allow the park to see the space. The rhythm of the geometric castle presents the “high and low” staggered attributes in the space. Dynamically extended. The playground adds climbing micro-topography, small fountains, dinosaur sand pools, cartoon character models, environmentally-friendly suspended floor, tree houses, and swings. In particular, the “tree house” combines climbing cages, suspension bridges, climbing, slide function and swing, giving children the fun of adventure, but also fulfilling the childhood dreams of many adults, reviving innocence, from the perspective of adulthood and children. Departure, really create a space that helps to explore their learning potential. The interior thinks that the new “ocean, forest” is the formal language, presented by the physical space form, and the smart spatial layout shows a dreamy children's paradise.