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CangLong Island Introduce

Keeping the body healthy, raising the talents of talent, Xi Shanliang's words and deeds.

Park goal


Wangti, UBM, Houde, Yunmei.

Hubei Experimental Kindergarten Zanglong Island Park is located at No. 8 Yangqiaohu Avenue, Zanglongdao Development Zone, Jiangxia District, Wuhan (next to the West Gate of Hubei University Economics College). It was jointly created by the Aston Park Early Childhood Education Chain and the Hubei Experimental Kindergarten. Inclusive kindergarten. Opened in September 2012, it covers an area of 808 square meters, with independent and spacious children's activity venues and large outdoor toys, and modern multimedia teaching equipment. There are 6 classes in the kindergarten, 170 children in the park and 24 faculty members. Kindergarten has convenient transportation, elegant environment, reasonable staffing and high quality of teaching staff.

Canglong Island Park
Canglong Island Park