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Mocha Town Introduce


Practical, pragmatic: Be serious, be patient


Professionalization of teachers, exquisite services, humanization of the park, comprehensive curriculum, and standardized management.


Our park opened in March 2018. It is located in the Moka town community of Panlongcheng Economic Open Area. It is a supporting kindergarten for the community. It has an independent garden, covering an area of 4,185 m2 and a teaching building area of 3,879 m2. There are 17 children's activity rooms, which are spacious and bright. The activity room has a separate bathroom. It is equipped with a large-screen teaching machine, piano, air conditioner, straight drinking fountain, small kitchen treasure, negative ion air purifier and other perfect disinfection, cleaning and living facilities. And other equipment. The teaching area is equipped with a dance room, an art room, a science enlightenment room, an open book reading room, a sunny kitchen and other function rooms. Kindergarten outdoor venues are open, with sand pools, play pools and class plantations. There are 7 classes in this semester, more than 150 children and 32 faculty members.

Cultivate children of the world in the language of the world.

Mocha Township Kindergarten
Mocha Township Kindergarten