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A letter to the parents of the child

A letter to the parents of the child

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  A letter to the parents of the child
  Dear parents, Hello:
  Parents are requested to do their child's safety education and safety supervision.
  First, prevent traffic accidents.
  It is necessary to educate children to abide by the traffic rules, and to obey the traffic rules themselves, and to play a leading role for children.
  Second, flood prevention accidents.
  Parents do not bring young children to swim in unsafe waters, and educate young children to play around the river or at the well. You must be led by an adult to go to a safe place to swim.
  Third, to prevent electric shock accidents.
  Educate children not to play with wires, power outlets, electrical switches, etc. to prevent electric shock.
  Fourth, to prevent fire accidents.
  Educate young children not to play with fire and not to touch flammable and explosive materials. Do not let children use gas, liquefied gas stoves, etc.
  Fifth, prevent food poisoning.
  Do not buy and eat “three no” foods and mildewed foods, medicines, detergents are placed in places that children can't get, to prevent children from accidentally causing poisoning. At the same time, balance the diet of children, avoid overeating, eat less snacks, and ensure food hygiene and safety.
  Sixth, to prevent all types of infectious diseases.
  Educate young children to develop good hygiene habits, wash hands frequently, take a bath and drink plenty of water. During the summer vacation, it is a period of high incidence of hand, foot and mouth disease. Parents try not to bring young children to eat outside, and do not take children to crowded places to reduce the chance of being infected.
  Safety is the foundation of good health, more safety and more life support.
  Aston Park Education Group
  September 2018