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[Notice of Holiday] Golden Field World Kindergarten 2019 Winter Holiday Holiday Notice

[Notice of Holiday] Golden Field World Kindergarten 2019 Winter Holiday Holiday Notice

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  Dear parents and friends:
  As the Spring Festival approaches, the work of the kindergarten this semester is coming to an end. During the semester, you and your child have experienced the learning life of the kindergarten. Together with us, we have witnessed every “sparkle point” on the road to growth.
  In order to let your child have a happy, full, safe and meaningful winter vacation, the time schedule and precautions for the winter vacation in 2019 are as follows. Please support and cooperate.
  Winter holiday vacation arrangement
  Holiday time:
  January 25, 2019 (Saturday) - February 17 (Sunday)
  Commencement time:
  Normal admission on February 18, 2019 (Monday)
  Old student payment time:
  February 11th - February 16th, 2019 (can apply directly on the “Golden World Enlightenment” public number)
  Here, I sincerely thank you for your support and help to our work. Please enjoy your child's growth and keep a healthy, safe and meaningful holiday with your child!
  Holiday considerations
  1. Stop overeating
  Children can easily eat more than the usual food during the holidays, so that the gastrointestinal burden is too heavy, causing digestion and malabsorption, causing damage to the stomach. Parents are advised to pay attention to their children's diet and prevent overeating.
  2. Reject unhealthy food
  When you go out, please buy the food produced by the regular manufacturer, and carefully check the product label and production date, do not eat half-baked food, dyed food and so on. Eating unclean or spoiled foods can easily cause acute gastritis or gastroenteritis.
  3. Drink plenty of water and do a good job in prevention of infectious diseases
  Winter is the high season of upper respiratory tract infection. During the winter vacation, children should be avoided to go to places where people are crowded and the air is dirty. Effective prevention of infectious diseases should also be diligent and ventilated, wash hands frequently, dip the clothes, drink plenty of water, and strengthen exercise. I hope that parents will attach great importance to it and do a good job of prevention.
  Security articles
  1. Don't leave your child alone at home
  Do not allow children to climb balconies, doors, windows or other heights; educate children not to use sockets, switches, lighters, sharp or swallowable items; keep medicines in their homes; gas valves should be closed in time, hot water bottles should be placed A place that children are not easy to touch.
  2. Strengthen fire safety
  In the cold winter, the air is dry and dry, and the use of fire, electricity, gas, and open flames is gradually increasing. It is very easy to cause fires when accidentally inadvertently. Please use home electrical equipment correctly.
  3. Educate young children not to play dangerous games
  Avoid using toys that are harmful to children's safety, such as sharp-edged toys, toys that are easily broken or broken, toys made of toxic materials or paint, toothpicks, bullet guns, etc.
  4. Anti-trafficking
  Have your child remember the parent's contact number and make an emergency call whenever there is an emergency. The children are taught to be reluctant to ignore strangers and not to believe in the help and words of strangers. It is recommended to use an anti-lost bag or bracelet when you go to a crowded place.
  5. Traffic safety
  Obey the traffic rules and educate your children not to chase and play on the road. Do not let the child sit in the co-pilot, guide the child to sit in the child safety seat, and lead by example to fasten the seat belt, do not leave the child alone in the car, so as to avoid unexpected events, threatening the child's life safety.
  6. Prohibit the discharge of fireworks and firecrackers
  Adults must strictly abide by the fireworks and firecrackers discharge management regulations, educate children to ban fireworks and firecrackers, and even arbitrarily touch flammable and explosive products such as lighters to ensure a civilized and safe holiday.
  7. Do a good job in flood prevention safety education
  Strengthen the safety education for children's flood prevention, and strictly prohibit kindergartens from going to the water ponds, reservoirs and other places to play in the water. If found, they should be stopped immediately.
  Parenting articles
  1. Chinese New Year Traditional Culture Education
  The Spring Festival is an important traditional festival in China. Parents can take their children to participate in some meaningful practical activities, tell the story of the traditional Chinese New Year culture, and receive edification with their children, which not only can open up children's vision, but also increase the relationship between you and your children.
  2. Bring children close to nature
  Bringing children closer to nature, the information contained in nature is rich and vivid. There are flowers, trees, birds, animals and insects that children like, which can better satisfy children's curiosity and curiosity.
  3. Train children to love labor
  For preschool children, the development of perception should be obtained in the hands-on brain. As early as more than one hundred years ago, the educator Chen Heqin put forward the educational thought of “living education” and pointed out that nature and the big society are “living teaching materials.” Every parent wants children to adapt to society well after entering the society, and independence is a must-have character for adapting to society. Letting children do housework and love work from primary school is a prelude to children's independence.
  4. Carry out parent-child reading
  Picture book is one of the important companions in the child's growth stage. It uses beautiful and concise language and colorful pictures to stimulate the child's infinite imagination. Through parent-child reading, you can enjoy more joy and affection with your child.
  1. Avoid snacks when cooking
  Try to avoid the bad habits of young children to develop “snacks for meals.” During the holiday, the family will prepare a lot of snacks, which will cause the children to eat more snacks and not have a good meal. Concentrating a large amount of food over a period of time may affect brain function. The nerves of intellectual activities such as adjacent control language, memory, and thinking are in a state of inhibition, and it is difficult to generate interest in new things and new knowledge. Lead to poor development of the neural network, but also reduce the level of intelligence.
  Countermeasure: Negotiate a reasonable diet plan in advance, such as what can you eat every day How much can I eat How to deal with other people's snacks and so on.
  2. Avoid watching TV for a long time
  During the holiday, many children will be fascinated by TV. However, in many cases, because parents are busy chatting, playing mobile phones, sending blessings and neglecting children, he will be bored and love TV! We all know that watching TV for a long time is not good for children's vision and brain neuron development.
  Countermeasure: Give high-quality companionship to children, I believe that for watching TV, children prefer to play games and read stories with you.
  3. Avoid home at home
  During the winter vacation, children may have a large amount of exercise. During the winter vacation, some children may be “home” at home because of various reasons, resulting in insufficient activities. The remaining energy is nowhere to be released, and the child will often have emotions and temper. Wait.
  Countermeasures: Take young children to the outdoors to breathe fresh air and communicate with other children.
  4. Avoid dependence psychology
  Children in the kindergarten have already eaten themselves, went to the toilet, and packed up their belongings. They stayed at home during the winter vacation, especially when the elderly or nannies looked after them, and they became dependent on everything. These degraded behaviors are not good for children.
  Countermeasure: The child can do what he can, try to let him do it independently. Parents should be patient and be able to accompany him, but let him do it slowly. The message passed to him is: You can do it well! I believe in you! For a bigger child, and even vice versa, you can make him a little help for the adults. He will be very proud of his ability to take on certain responsibilities.
  The next focus
  That is:
  Keep warm~
  Health tips
  In the cold winter, the respiratory diseases are obviously increased, the temperature suddenly drops, the immunity of the children with weak constitution is also reduced, the respiratory mucosal disease resistance is reduced, and the pathogenic microorganisms are easy to invade, which may lead to respiratory diseases. In the snow and ice weather, parents often close the doors and windows in order to keep warm, so that the indoor air is very dry, the pollution is intensified, coupled with the use of heating, air conditioning and other factors, the bacteria are easy to breed and spread, resulting in a rapid increase in the incidence of respiratory diseases such as colds.
  Warm reminder: to prevent respiratory diseases, we must first enhance our own immunity, and secondly, adapt to the environment, and timely increase or decrease the clothes according to the changes in the weather; pay attention to indoor air circulation, and open windows to ventilate during the day, but be careful not to stand in the air. Young children with relatively low resistance should appropriately reduce the time spent outdoors, pay attention to cold and warm.
  Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten staff
  I wish all parents and babies in advance
  Happy New Year!
  All the best!
  Family fun!