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[Enrollment season] Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten 2019 spring enrollment activities began! ! !

[Enrollment season] Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten 2019 spring enrollment activities began! ! !

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  Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten 2019 spring enrollment activity begins!
  Featured Programs
  Freshman experience class
  Hello baby
  Admission Notice
  1. The original and photocopy of the child ID card (the original and photocopy of the birth certificate are provided without an ID card);
  2. the original and copy of the home page and the original page of the child account;
  3. The original and photocopy of the parent's parental account;
  4. The original health care manual with the child's admission certificate (must be issued by Hongshan District Maternal and Child Health Hospital or Hongshan District Qingling Street Community Health Service Center);
  5, copy of the child vaccination record (copy requirements: child information page and vaccination record page);
  6. Childhood vaccination inspection report (community of community health service center)
  7, children's one inch photo 8 sheets, packed and written the name of the child.
  Hello baby
  Spring Newborn Fees for 2019
  Teaching fee: 2280 yuan / month
  Living expenses: 18 yuan / day (two meals two o'clock)
  Five months per semester
  Registration consultation telephone: Ma Yuanchang 18171288575 (WeChat)
  Write to yourself
  Every child is a strange seed
  From different genes
  Have different inheritance
  They carry their own temperament
  Come to us
  Some open like flowers early
  Some are as refreshing as grass
  There are only exposed buds
  But it hasn't seen long
  But we can't predict
  What he looks like when he grows up
  All we can do is give each child
  The most abundant nutrition:
  Love, activities, rules…
  Then, watch
  Watch quietly
  Waiting for each seed to use its own inner strength
  Happy to grow up!
  Written to parents
  If the children of the future can grow up in a free environment, the energy they emit will make you amazing. You may never have thought that your child can have such powerful energy. You only need to let go of control, respect them, let them be their own masters, play freely, and learn to listen to them, instead of rudely interfering with each of their thoughts and decisions. We will help you learn this lesson, let you be aware of your control and intervention in your child, help you to let go of your child's bondage, and let your child use their energy to grow freely.