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Cultivating children's self-care ability

Cultivating children's self-care ability

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  The so-called self-care ability includes wearing clothes, shoes and socks, packing, sorting clothes and beds, eating and washing independently, washing your face, washing your feet and washing your handkerchief. The main reasons for children's self-care ability are:
  1. The love of family members is arranged.
  In the kindergarten, all the things that children can do, the teachers pay attention to cultivating the children to learn by themselves, and develop the habits of children to do everything they can. But returning home parents, especially grandparents, often love children, and the children are too slow to eat or dirty clothes and are eager to feed him.
  All are taken care of by adults, and they develop a bad habit of relying on adults for everything.
  2. The child does not have the methods and skills to take care of himself.
  Because of their young age, children often don't understand procedures and methods when they are self-care. When they encounter practical difficulties, Mom and Dad don't teach children, but instead do it instead of children.
  3. Lack of necessary opportunities for repeated practice.
  Children are very excited when they learn to wear clothes, and they are often praised by their parents. But after learning, the child loses interest and is reluctant to do it again, and the parents replace it, making the child lose the opportunity to practice again and again.