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Parents will not communicate and may affect parent-child relationships

Parents will not communicate and may affect parent-child relationships

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  How to get along with your children is now a common problem that plagues most parents. The education of children is a big thing in the family. Every parent wants their children to grow up healthy and happy. There are people who have a good time and become useful to the society. However, if parents give education to their children without knowing the basics of communication, they may affect the relationship between parents and children.
  “I don't want to eat, I want to eat French fries.”
  Children's love for delicious snacks is understandable, and foods such as hamburgers and chips are especially popular with children. Even so, parents can't let their children use this as the main food for three meals. Otherwise, it will not only affect the normal nutrition absorption of children, but also make it easier for children to develop partial eclipse habits. It is difficult to change this bad habit when it is discovered. It is. These fast food snacks are delicious and simple for children, and the design atmosphere of these fast food restaurants also caters to the children's preferences, and the toys attached to the meals have certain appeal, so it is necessary to change the idea of Shanshan. The tendency to partial eclipse is difficult in a short period of time.
  “Why is it that I only have no pocket money?”
  This society is most afraid of comparing each other. Poverty is not a sin, but when a child sees that other people's living conditions and material enjoyment are better than themselves, it will cause a great psychological obstacle. To eliminate this psychological barrier, parents have to instill a sense of poverty and happiness in their children, so that children can understand that it is not necessarily money to buy toys or video games. Parents can bring their children to the park to breathe the air of nature on the holiday, or go to the beach to play with water. These activities do not need to spend too much money, and the children can have a topic among their partners, which will have certain physical and mental development. benefit.
  Then guide the child to look at the whole family situation from the front, for example, although it is not a good thing, but compared to some rural children, and parents work hard to improve the family life, let the children understand the parents' feelings, and thus feel Parental care and family warmth.
  “Doing money is more important than me?”
  Material enjoyment is of course important, but parent-child love cannot be ignored. Because it is necessary to make more money and exploit the opportunity for children to get along with their fathers and mothers, the loss is definitely more than money. More and more parents are neglecting communication with their children because they are busy. When the work stops, they find that they don't understand their children's thoughts and preferences, and their children feel that their parents don't care about them, and their family is getting more and more alienated.
  The above is for everyone to introduce that when parents are educating their children, they should not use the ban on communication. If these exchanges are spoken from the perspective of adults, it is not good for children. It will also bring the child into a misunderstanding of a language, and it will also cause the relationship between the two people to gradually drift away.
  Source: Parenting Psychology
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