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Children see the picture book has many benefits, should be cultivated as soon as possible

Children see the picture book has many benefits, should be cultivated as soon as possible

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  The picture book is the bright pearl in the children's literature. Through the wonderful vivid images and vivid and fascinating whispers, it presents the potential beauty of all things in the world, and opens the eyes of the children's souls, so as to convey the true discovery and the revelation of goodness. The baptism of beauty provides reading pleasure and artistic beauty, inspires imagination and creativity, and becomes one of the best mediums for young children to know themselves, interact with each other, and explore the world.
  What benefits can picture book reading bring to us?
  1. Cultivate children's reading interest
  The interest in reading children from childhood has an important impact on the development of their lives.
  Reading a picture book can not only increase the vocabulary of young children, but also enhance the oral expression ability of young children. However, the industry agrees that it is most important to cultivate good reading interest in the process of language development.
  Cao Wenxuan once said: “The interest in reading a person should start from childhood. You have not seen a good book in your childhood. It is very difficult for you to cultivate a good interest in reading in your life.” Therefore, it is very important to choose the first book of life. .
  The unique expression of the picture book captures the psychological development characteristics of the child. The humorous and humorous picture satisfies the child's strong curiosity and brings the child into the happy journey of reading.
  2. Promote the social development of young children
  In the process of reading the picture book, the child will have empathy phenomenon, which will change the emotional experience of the child as the hero's emotion changes or joy or sorrow.
  And reading itself brings great happiness to young children, look at the excited expressions of young children immersed in the story, and know the state of repeating a story without bothering, they are enjoying the story.
  In addition, through the picture book, you can easily convey a lot of profound truths to young children, let them understand the truth, goodness and beauty in the picture book reading.
  At the same time, through the role models in the story, children can learn to share and cooperate with a series of qualities, so that they can better interact with their peers and better promote their socialization.
  3. Promote the development of children's imagination
  Children are born to be visionaries and like to imagine. In the process of the growth of young children, imagination can not be absent and can not be absent.
  Compared with other forms of children's literature, the picture book and the color-based picture book leave a broad imagination space for young children, which is an indispensable book form for developing children's imagination.
  Just as Song Juzhi said: “The picture book is an important starting point for imagination.” Kang Changyun specializes in the study of the reading and imagination of the picture story book, and the characteristics and functions of the imagination in the reading of the picture book. Performance and so on were explained.
  In addition, the diverse images, rich plots, and interesting stories in the picture book can increase the experience of the child, and the experience is imaginative.