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Ten Declarations of British Children

Ten Declarations of British Children

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  1. Peaceful growth is more important than success. Tell the child that no one has the right to deprive him of his right to safety. Safety is more important than anything else.
  2. The place covered by the vest pants is not allowed to be touched by others. Children should know that the body belongs to themselves, and certain parts of the body should be covered by clothes, and no one else is allowed to see or touch.
  3. Life first, property second. Sometimes, children will worry that the bad guys will rob the property and go home to be beaten. Children should be told that their physical safety is much more important than property.
  4. Little secret to tell mom. Assure the child that no matter what happens, as long as the child tells the parents about the truth, the parents will not blame, and will try their best to help the child. When children tell the truth, they should be fully trusted.
  5. Do not accept things from strangers. Have the right not to listen to strangers, not to drink strangers' drinks, not to eat strangers' sweets. Have the right to say no to drugs, tobacco and alcohol.
  6. Don't talk to strangers. When a stranger speaks, the child can pretend that he has not heard it and immediately runs away. If a stranger knocks on the door, he can not answer, and does not open the door. Telling the child is right to ignore strangers, children can not help strangers, adults will never think it is rude.
  7. When you are in danger, you can break the glass and destroy things. To protect themselves, the child has the right to break all regulations and bans. Tell the children that in an emergency, they have the right to yell, scream, kick, bite, and even break the glass and destroy things.
  8. If you are in danger, you can run first. In the event of a bad person, an earthquake, or a fire, the child should escape decisively and run away. Self-police, self-help, self-help, you can not wait for the command of adults.
  9. Do not keep the secrets of the bad guys. Tell the child that even if he has vowed not to tell others, he must tell the parents that the bad guys are bullying, these secrets should not be buried in my heart.
  10. Bad people can lie. When you meet a bad person, you can talk to the truth without being telling the truth.