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Everywhere there is "mathematics"

Everywhere there is "mathematics"

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  The learning process of young children is a cognitive process from figurative to abstract, especially mathematics, but it needs to be constructed through some figurative experience. How to let children feel the meaning of mathematics in life, parents and mothers can see if they can be inspired by the following small scenes of life.
  Scene 1: Supermarket shopping
  When we go to the supermarket with our children, we might as well arrange some tasks for them, such as finding a certain amount of fruit of a certain color. Usually they are very happy, and they feel a sense of accomplishment, but pay attention to the task not to exceed their cognitive range.
  Scene 2: Meal time
  The process of preparing tableware, we can let the children do it, such as preparing tableware, there is a concept of singular, double number, for children to need some thinking to complete.
  Scene 3: Making dumplings
  Children can learn about the process of making a sphere by kneading dough and kneading dough. It can also intuitively feel that the shape can change. Of course, the number of dumplings can be added according to the “size”. This process allows the child to feel the concept of understanding stereo, size, and how much.
  Scene 4: Driving
  I remember once, the children were retelling the number of changes in the electronic dashboard. I immediately thought that by relating the number and speed, she would have more knowledge of the “number”, such as the car stopped, the number “0” represents Stop moving, the car accelerates, the number becomes larger, and the deceleration becomes smaller. This intuitive experience can deepen children's understanding of digital symbols, let them know that “number” can express a variety of meanings, such as how much, speed, length, weight and so on.
  There are still many scenes in life that can reveal the meaning of mathematics. We can help children to know through games, tasks, stories, and heuristic questions. As long as parents pay more attention to it, your child will definitely find the beauty of mathematics. Mom and Dad, come on!