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Children often rub their eyes, beware of 6 kinds of diseases - parents need to pay attention

Children often rub their eyes, beware of 6 kinds of diseases - parents need to pay attention

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  Under normal circumstances, the number of people blinking every minute is about 15-20 times. If Mom and Dad find that the child always keeps blinking for a moment, then you must pay attention to it. If you blink too often, maybe the child has something wrong. .
  My mother found that Yaoyao was always blinking during this time. She also liked to rub her eyes with her hands. She was a bit worried about what happened to her children. Is there something wrong with your eyes?
  Huang Xuelin, director of the Department of Ophthalmology, Guangdong Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that under normal circumstances, the number of people blinking every minute is about 15-20 times, because humans can protect the surface of the eye to a certain extent by blinking, but if Keeping your eyes open, it is estimated to be a pathological phenomenon.
  1. Lack of nutrients
  If the child has always been a partial eclipse, it may cause a lack of certain nutrients in the body, especially when the vitamins and trace elements are relatively low in the body, it will cause an increase in neuromuscular urgency and lead to neurological function. Disorders, so you will often blink your eyes.
  2. trichiasis
  When the child is in the eyelashes, the eyelashes stimulate the cornea to make the child feel very uncomfortable, so they will instinctively rub their eyes. If you take care of your father and mother, you can find this phenomenon. It is much better if you remove the eyelashes.
  3. Eye fatigue
  Most children today use computers, mobile phones and other electronic products. If they are used all the time, they will cause eye fatigue, dry eyes, itchy eyes, foreign body sensation in the eyes, blurred vision, decreased vision, and pain in the eyes. Symptoms such as eyelid pain.
  Therefore, Mom and Dad must control the time for children to play electronic products, but also pay attention to eye care, such as letting children have time to look far, doing eye exercises.
  4, Inflammation
  If you find that your child has been blinking, accompanied by redness, itching, increased secretions, and tearing, it means that the eye is sick. You should take your child to the hospital to check if there is inflammation.
  5, Habitual blinking
  If the child is all normal, then it may be that the child is habitually blinking. Mom and Dad should tell the child that they can't do this and help the child to control themselves, which can be alleviated.
  6, There are foreign bodies
  If a tiny foreign object enters the child's eyes, and the foreign body stays on the surface of the conjunctiva, the eyes will feel very uncomfortable and will blink frequently.
  Therefore, if parents find such a situation, it is best to take out the foreign body immediately, otherwise there will be a certain possibility of causing eye diseases such as keratitis or conjunctivitis. It is best to go to the hospital with the child and ask the doctor to take out the foreign body to prevent accidental eye injury.
  I want to tell my parents that there are many possibilities for children to blink frequently. The first thing God and mother should do is to pay attention to observation. If it is caused by certain diseases, it is best to go to the hospital immediately.