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What is the love of a baby after going to kindergarten?

What is the love of a baby after going to kindergarten?

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  Going to kindergarten, for children, is the first hurdle in their life, because they have a lot of things to adapt in the early stage of kindergarten, some children will perform very well, and the kindergarten can be very fast. Adapt to the living environment in the park, and get along well with children, but some children will experience a period of pain, and this period is not the same, and it is repeated.
  Then, why is it easy to get sick after the child goes to kindergarten? What is the cause, and how can we slow down this situation?
  The child has adapted to the family and the surrounding living environment both physically and psychologically. Suddenly changing a living atmosphere, strange environment, and strangers will make the child's spirit and psychology extremely nervous and fearful, which will disturb the child. The balance clock in the child's body, the child's mood will be greatly fluctuated, and at this time the child's immune system is also immature, and the resistance is reduced and it is easy to get sick. At the same time, there are many children in the park, and the number of viruses and bacteria will increase, so it is inevitable that illness will occur.
  In addition to the above reasons causing illness, there are some factors that are also causing illness:
  1, partial eclipse, do not like to eat vegetables, eclipse eat a lot of children, so that nutrients can not be fully absorbed, resulting in anemia and decreased resistance.
  2, the average parent will worry that the child is not eating well at school during the day, so add food at night, give the child too much meat, fried and other refined food, eat too much at night to cause the child to indigestion, affect sleep, rest is not good It will cause illness for a long time.
  3, the child drinks milk before going to bed, after drinking not brushing or gargle, the bacteria in the mouth will breed a lot, easily lead to respiratory infections, so brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after drinking milk.
  4, sleep is very important for the health of children, sleep well and good quality children grow well, and then sleep quality is not good, and if not enough, long-term fatigue will make children easy to get sick.
  When you go to kindergarten, you want to have fewer children. Usually you should pay attention to nutrition, get enough sleep, and develop a habit of loving hygiene. The prescribed vaccination should be vaccinated on time. The management in the park also needs to be strengthened. Attention should be paid to the disinfection work in the park and the indoor ventilation. If the child is sick, change the kindergarten for the first half of the day, and then adjust to the whole day.
  For children with eczema, allergic rhinitis or asthma, such cough is not necessarily an infection, so be careful to avoid allergies. A cold for a child, as long as no more than six times a year, is not a big problem, but will also perfect the immune system in the process of catching a cold. If it exceeds six times, it needs to be taken seriously.
  You can also take a precautionary approach:
  The reason why children are willing to get sick in early kindergarten is mainly because they are not adapted to the environment. Therefore, parents can often go to the kindergarten outside before the children go to kindergarten to see how the children do morning exercises, how to play, and The life program in kindergarten tells good children, let them understand the process psychologically, and tell them that there are many children in kindergarten, they will know many new friends, and the teacher will teach them to sing and dance, so that their psychology adapts to the environment in advance. Reduce the fear caused by unfamiliar environments and help them to get through the unfit phase as soon as possible.
  At the same time, when the mother is at home, the mother has to tell the child what needs to be boldly expressed. The teacher likes the brave children, and learns to say “teacher, I want to drink water” “teacher, I want to pee”, drinking water can be reduced Ill, boldly said that pee can prevent diaper pants. Other conveniences, such as where the body is uncomfortable, should also teach the child to be promptly expressed to the teacher so that the teacher can notify the parents in time.