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Ren Xiaohui

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  Ren Xiaohui, Bachelor's degree in Education Management, National Senior Career Director, Gold Medal Tutor of New Teacher's Family Education Research Center, Chief Tutor of China Family Education Lecturer Training Base, Senior Lecturer of China Quality Education Training Base, Senior Consultation of China Family Education Counselor Training Base Teacher, Senior Lecturer of Beishang International Education Group Expert Group, Director of the “Love” Chinese “Love” Chinese Teacher Group, Director of Wuhan Family Education Guidance Center, National Famous Family Education Expert, Parent-child Education Gold Medal “Bao Yangang” Teacher disciple. He has been engaged in early childhood education for more than 20 years and has rich teaching and management experience. The team led by the team has participated in the evaluation of Wuhan Graded Garden and the opening of the experimental teaching project organized by Wuhan Academy of Educational Sciences, guiding and assisting many Kindergartens participate in the assessment of Wuhan City Grade Park. Always pay attention to self-improvement and the improvement of the overall level of the teacher team, which is deeply respected and trusted by teachers, parents and children.