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Jin Mengfan

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Name: Jin Mengfan
Current residence: Wuhan, Hubei
Birthday: 1997.3.20
Mobile: 15071145613

Educational experience

As a class teacher at Golden Sunshine Kindergarten from September 2015 to 2016
From March 2016 to 2017, he served as the class teacher and backbone teacher and teaching and research team leader at Siqiao International Education Institute.
In 2018, in 2017, he served as the class teacher in Hubei Experimental Kindergarten.


Honor certificate: 
Small class puzzle area homemade teaching toys "first place"
Self-made teaching toy "first place" in the middle of the puzzle area
Won the "second place" in the hard pen test competition
In the comprehensive assessment, won the "first place" of the main team


Morality is a prerequisite for determining a person's value. Without good ideology and morality, everything else is empty talk. So this year I have improved my own ideological consciousness. Form your own correct outlook on life values. I also admire people with great personality and always try to do it myself. No matter what the circumstances, I have not forgotten that "learning as a teacher, acting as a model".


  Educational experience
  When we choose education, we must have no regrets about our choices, no fame and fortune, be proactive, and strive to innovate. As an educator, I should be determined to give my education to the education cause without any reservations from the day I walked up to the three-footed platform. I will be active and enterprising, based on my position and working hard.
  As teachers, we must constantly update our knowledge, constantly improve our own quality, and constantly improve ourselves. Today's era is already the era of knowledge economy, the era of learning. Science and technology are changing with each passing day. Education and psychology have also developed greatly, and they have a new understanding of the growth laws of students. Teachers only constantly update and broaden their knowledge areas, constantly researching textbooks, studying students, and reflecting on their own behaviors in order to adapt to the requirements of the times and adapt to the new situation and needs of education.
  First, love students
  To be a good teacher, on the one hand, we must love education, and on the other hand, we must love students. This is the most important thing. A good teacher must have the love of love, the act of love, and the art of love. Love is a kind of trust, love is a kind of respect, love is a kind of spur, love is a kind of passion, and love is an educational process that can touch the soul and touch the heart. The teacher's “love” is sincere. Teachers should treat students with sincerity and care for their students. To establish a good emotional connection between teachers and students, teachers must pay for their true love, care for each student, treat students fairly, and treat them equally. The teacher's “love” is fair. Justice is the foundation for students to trust teachers. Students most hope that teachers will treat all students equally. The teacher's “love” is strict. Strict teacher out of the high. Love students must be strict in love, strict in love, strict in the degree, and truly achieve temperament. The teacher's “love” needs to respect the students' personality and creative spirit, to get along with them, and to stimulate their curiosity and creativity with the trust and concern of teachers.
  Second, solid professional knowledge and profound knowledge is the key to a good teacher.
  “To give students a glass of water, they have to have a bucket of water.” But today, with the rapid development of science and technology, I have to say that it is not enough to have only one bucket. We must always enrich ourselves. If the teacher does not have extensive knowledge of the knowledge, the student has asked you questions that you have never heard of it. Instead, you must learn from the students, which can greatly detract from the prestige and image of the teacher. With sufficient knowledge and solid professional skills, this will be able to pass on the knowledge that I have mastered to the students, and be able to distinguish between the primary and the secondary in the teaching, highlighting the key points and breaking through the difficulties, so as to achieve a simple and easy-to-understand, freely and easily To ensure the quality of teaching. The highest evaluation for a teacher is that students are thirsty, appreciative and admired in the classroom!
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