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Yuan Xiaoting

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  Yuan Xiaoting: I graduated from Qianjiang Jianghan Art Vocational College with a pre-school education major. She has obtained a pre-school education and is currently pursuing a higher education degree. She has obtained a pre-school teacher qualification certificate and a qualification certificate. As a preparatory member of the Communist Party of China, I have worked hard for more than six years in the preschool education, and have taken the junior, middle and large grades, and served as the grade leader and assistant director and director of the education directors of all grades. In the comprehensive assessment of the garden-based training in each semester, I have won the top three rankings many times, and I have participated in district and county-level quality courses and leading children many times, participating in community or education bureaus and other public welfare and competition evaluations. Activities and achieved excellent results. I can move temperately, statically, and alternately, I can bring infinite positive energy to the children.
  Teacher's note:
  I still remember my childhood dream. I didn't actually work as a kindergarten teacher. But when I grew up, when I was facing school, I inadvertently chose the kindergarten teacher profession. But this is the inadvertent choice, in a blink of an eye, I have been doing this industry for nearly 6 years. This time is not long, and it is not short or short. In the past 6 years, I have tasted the bitterness and joy of preschool education and realized the sadness and sweetness of being a teacher.
  When I graduated from college, I obtained the qualification for staying in school with the best grades. I was selected by the 12 students who stayed in the examination. I was one of them. After that, I chose the development training department of the school. The department has a large space for improving personal professional quality, and there are many opportunities for training outside. A week later, I followed my mentor to the poverty-stricken villages below Jingzhou City and became teachers in the countryside.
  The first place to train was the Jiankou Kindergarten in Jianli County; there, there were no large outdoor toys for the children, the teachers did not have advanced teaching equipment, and some were just empty classrooms, tables and chairs, and a dilapidated blackboard. . There are forty or fifty children in a class, there is only one main class teacher, two classes use one childcare worker; children are normal children and disabled children in a classroom to participate in daily life and learning activities; everything here is very irregular. However, in the mentor and my one-year resident guidance, teachers and children of different learning levels were assigned according to age, health and disability, and more interns from this major were recruited to assist in class teaching and management activities. Since then, the children have had a variety of district teaching activities, outdoor activities and Children's Day activities. They also strengthened the training of local teachers' professional skills, organized teachers to learn the development guide for children aged 3-6, and guided the teachers to learn the correct ones. Flag raising ceremony, teaching activity process, and training. Before leaving, assist local teachers to grade three kindergartens for kindergartens.
  The second time I went to the town to go to the Kangping Kindergarten in the countryside below the county. I instructed the teachers to rehear the program of Liuyi and teacher etiquette training. The third time was to go to Yicheng Zhicheng Kindergarten to guide the teaching of the school and guide the teachers together. Classroom environment layout was arranged, and local teachers were assisted to evaluate the kindergartens in the local A-level demonstration kindergartens.
  Later, I felt that I should continue to study. I chose to come to Wuhan. When I entered the class as a normal kindergarten teacher for the first time, I saw a naive and cute smile, and I was greeted by the joyful scene of “teacher is good”. At that time, I felt the satisfaction and joy that I had never seen before. I felt that being a kindergarten teacher was also beautiful. The beauty of preschool teachers that I understand is not the beauty of the image, but a dedication.
  I remember that on the first day of entering the small class, I was at a loss, and I learned from my predecessors, step by step, and started from the childcare teacher. I really realized what was hard at that time. But the teachers never say, they don't complain, but they smile at all times and are amiable.
  Later, I entered the class through the internship period and officially became a class teacher. I was a little shy and nervous. Under the encouragement and help of my colleagues, I quickly got rid of my inner panic, entered the role, and integrated myself into the learning and life of the children. At that time, I often focused on how children learn to behave like they are not doing well, and how education can meet the real needs of young children, but also help children develop in the long run and lack comprehensive consideration.
  Among this group of children, I have been wronged, and even thought about giving up, but also because of the children, so that I am insisting, so I have been with this for three years, the children graduated, left, and more is reluctant.
  A batch of reincarnation, but also need to bring a group of children to enter the kindergarten, at this time, I took the initiative to apply for the position of the main class. Perhaps because of the age, the parents have doubts about me. I feel that I am so young, I am a child. How can I bring the children who have just left my parents? Indeed, I also question my ability, but I believe that some things are recognized by actions, rather than by mouth.
  After the school started, the children came, facing the child's faint crying “I want mother”。 When I was nap, I hugged one on the left and one on the right. When the child put it down, she cried, and I was then Helpless, go back to sleep as soon as you get home. But after the embarrassment was embarrassing, I became the big sister of the children and became friends of the children.
  One work is a harvest. When the children rushed to me with joy, when the children took my hand, licked my clothes, and hula followed me, I realized the pride and happiness as a preschool teacher. At that time, we had a little boy in our class. He is different from other children. He was brought up by his grandmother in the countryside. He rarely touched the outside world and had no friends. Therefore, his personality was somewhat introverted and timid. Every time he is sent, his mother will call me and ask about the child. In fact, I know that she is very worried, so I play with him every day, but then I found out that this child is a bit autistic, so I gave him more love than usual children, let him take the initiative to learn to make friends, learn and Mom keeps communicating. After a semester, the child finally volunteered every day and played games with the children and had a great time. The child's mother also moved and said: “Mr. Yuan, I am sorry, I concealed the child's autism. Now you take him out of the psychological shadow and give him a happy environment. You are really our great benefactor! ”At this time, I suddenly felt that the reason why the kindergarten teacher is great is to give happiness and happiness.“
  Someone once asked me: ”Do you really feel happy when you are a kindergarten teacher?“ Many people used to compare teachers to candles, ladders, spring silkworms and paving stones, and connected the work of teachers with the image of these tragic fates. Then there was the feeling that ”when the teacher has what it means?“ And I think that this is not a question of happiness and unhappiness, but a responsibility. If you choose this profession, then it is the beginning of responsibility. When you are angry, when you hear a sentence: ”Teacher, don't be angry,“ can you not feel happy? ”Teacher, we are no longer naughty.“ Can you not feel happy? When you are tired, the children shout: ”Teacher, I am going to help you back“, can you not feel happy?
  Of course, I have also failed, have been sad, have had setbacks, and have success, but with the children for a few years, I have been difficult to leave with them. Indeed, the work of preschool education is very ordinary, but it has been extraordinary for colleagues to dedicate their youth and energy to their children for decades. Because, our teachers all know the ordinary and ordinary sincerity---”Fame and fortune, materialism and cross-flow, still as thin as it is; flowers bloom, cloud clouds and clouds, self-satisfied and insulted.“ In ordinary and fulfilling work, we are silent Fulfilling the duties of the kindergarten teacher, caring for the healthy growth of young children, writing the brilliance of the preschool education with youth and passion!
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