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How do smart parents manage their children?

How do smart parents manage their children?

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  Do you think it is a nuisance to discipline your child? Is it true that whether you are talking to your child or yelling, the child will not care about you? Have you ever reflected on it, should you choose a different education method?
  The children are very naughty. He can't grasp the size of his naughty. For example, the child will deliberately pull the children's hair and hide the things you need. He will be very happy when he is worried. The number of times this situation is more, the sensible mother will be very angry, but it is useless to punish the child, and the child should use the appropriate method. Like most moms and dads, we all want our children to be obedient, know what is right, what is wrong, and not to do something wrong.
  But most of the time, although we stopped the bad behavior of the children today, the children will still commit crimes in the future. So, when can a child change?
  Parenting experts say: If you want your child to be obedient and sensible, take the right approach. Mom and Dad should be prepared to be calm and persistent, and must be calm. Then I will tell you a few questions.
  1, when it comes to doing
  Parenting expert explanation: If we put 1 to 10 to represent the importance of the principle of correct child discipline, then the number of levels that the child can say, do, and agree is 12!
  Why do you want to do this?
  If you only talk about it in your mouth and you are inconsistent in your actions, your child will become an opportunist. The child will do his utmost to escape the punishment that should be his own. But if the child knows what Mom and Dad is doing, or if they know what will happen if they make a mistake, the child will predict the consequences of his choice of behavior and the child will begin to correct his mistakes.
  How do i do this?
  If you want your child to behave in the same way, Mom and Dad should not be soft and the attitude must be tough. Mom and Dad should make the punishment after breaking the rules and breaking the rules, and then let the children know clearly.
  For most moms and dads, it is very difficult to control themselves without criticizing children. However, before you criticize your child, be sure to know that the difference in tone and wording is not the same. For example: I love you, but you think it is wrong to do this, although the child is not comfortable at first, but after a while you will know what you are talking about.
  In other cases, you need to explain what you need to do with your child. For example, when you take your child to the supermarket, you have to tell him in advance, you can't mess with things, and tell him the consequences of taking things.
  2, do not underestimate the child
  Shouting a child is not effective, and it may hurt your child's self-esteem. Therefore, don't arbitrarily criticize your child.
  Why do you want to do this?
  Parenting experts say: Sometimes the child has a low self-esteem because you are jealous of him, but because your tone and attitude will make the negative feeling linger.
  How do i do this?
  You have to imply that you can do things better, which in turn can promote your child's growth. Self-esteem comes from the right behavior, and if the child feels good about himself, his performance will be better.
  The above is something that smart moms and dads will do. Disciplining children is a matter of learning. Mom and Dad should learn slowly.