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What kind of education is the best policy for children?

What kind of education is the best policy for children?

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  The concept of Chinese education is ”nothing can't be done.“ Whenever a child makes a mistake, the minimum will also get a criticism. For bear children, stick education is worth a try, but it is not suitable for all children. Just knowing that snoring children can't solve the problem, let's see how smart parents solve their children's mistakes!
  1. Ask your child what happened in the end.
  It is very important to understand the ins and outs of things. If you don't ask anything, if it is not the child's fault, then the child must be angry. Therefore, after listening to the child's words, you can also help the child to clear the way. In this process, what the parents have to do is to maintain the emotional stability of the whole process.
  2. Ask the child what the mood is.
  In fact, the child's mood is what the parents can see at a glance. The reason why the inquiry is actually the export of the child's emotional expression. We have all experienced childhood, we should understand that children are always not good at expressing in front of their parents. Since things have already happened, the child's mood will be affected, and letting the child vent their emotions will be more conducive to the next step of teaching.
  3. Ask your child what they think about this matter.
  This view is actually to let the children self-recognize their mistakes. Instead of letting Mom and Dad say that the child is wrong, but the child is deaf, it is better to let the children realize their mistakes. If this is the rebellious period, the child will sing the opposite of his parents. It is better to let the children review it in advance.
  4, ask the child whether there is a better solution
  The way to let the child think about solving the problem is to let the child handle it well when he encounters the next similar thing, and will not make the same mistake again. This is also the choice of the father and mother to respect the child's decision, giving the child the right to make up for the mistakes he made, which is a good guide for the child.
  For the traditional family education, Mom and Dad are saying that the child is listening. In fact, everyone understands the truth, it depends on the child not listening. If you don't listen to what you say, why bother to waste your tongue? Therefore, learning to ”listen“ to what the child said is the best way to deal with the problem when the child makes a mistake.