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The Aston Parker Education Preschool Chain website is online!

The Aston Parker Education Preschool Chain website is online!

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  Enrollment qualities
  The educational concept of Aston Parker's educational preschool chain is to guide children's comprehensive independent growth. A comprehensive and professional education for each child's intellectual development, physical growth, emotional development, and social skills.
  Teaching characteristics
  Our teaching comprehensively cultivates children's independence, builds children's sense of responsibility, promotes the formation of good study habits, independent thinking ability, cultivate individuality, creativity, freedom of choice, concentration, communication and basic living ability.
  Campus Environment
  The school is close to higher education institutions, quiet and safe. The classroom is designed by the professional Aston Parker Education Group. The school has art classrooms, music classrooms, multi-purpose halls, screening rooms, indoor and outdoor venues. The campus is clean and well equipped.
  All teachers are all teachers of the Aston Parker Education Group in the UK. At the same time, each class is equipped with professional English and Chinese teachers with rich teaching experience. In addition, the school employs professional counseling teachers, dieticians, and art, physical, and music teachers to help children grow in all likelihood.
  Growth record
  The Aston Park Education Preschool Chain provides a special handbook for children's growth to help you record your baby's life and growth in the garden, leaving a precious memory for your child.