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Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten Autumn Newborn Parents' Meeting

Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten Autumn Newborn Parents' Meeting

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  On September 15th, 2017, Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten launched the Autumn Newborn Parents' Meeting. The Parents' Meeting was held to strengthen the relationship between teachers and parents, parents and parents, parents and young children, foster family partnerships, and exchange children's schools and schools. At home, teachers and parents can jointly implement education and better educate their children.
  The main contents of this parent meeting are:
  1. Introduction of Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten
  Hubei Provincial Experimental Kindergarten Qingjiang Jincheng Garden is a direct-operated park under the Experimental Kindergarten of Hubei Province. It is located at No. 59, Baisha 4th Road, Zhangjiawan, Hongshan District, Wuhan. It is jointly built by the British Aston Park Preschool Chain and the Hubei Experimental Kindergarten. The supporting kindergarten of the brand Qingjiang Jincheng Community. The company is headquartered in the UK with early childhood education development, curriculum development and other projects. It is committed to creating a platform for Wuhan Aston Parker institutions to form educational and cultural docking and resource sharing with the UK's early childhood education institutions, so that more children can accept British characteristics in China. education.
  Second, several elements of new students entering the park
  1. the symptoms of admission anxiety
  2. the correct method and measures should be taken
  3. Life and material preparation
  Third, education and teaching and curriculum
  1. "Tick-tock" published by Oxford University Press (Reading Time)
  2. kindergarten theme inquiry course - dolphins activity package
  3. Etiquette courses
  4. manual, art courses
  5. physical intelligence course
  Let parents have a better understanding of the day-to-day life of the kindergarten and better cooperate with the kindergarten in the future parenting life, and make greater efforts for the healthy growth of the child.
  The importance of fostering a cooperative relationship
  1. Home cooperation is the need of human development. Kindergarten, family and community are the most influential and direct micro-environment in the development of children. As the earliest social and cultural environment for children, its role in the development of young children is unmatched by any other factors. Therefore, children's education must start from the activities, roles and established relationships in a specific environment, coordinate the power of relevant social groups, and jointly promote the development of children.
  2. Home cooperation is conducive to the full use of parent resources. Family is the first environment for children to grow and develop. The unique blood relationship, family relationship and economic relationship between parents and children make this education infectious, long-term and pertinent. The educational content is complex and rich, and the teaching methods are flexible. . At the same time, the parents of young children come from all walks of life, can be described as talented people, is a unique educational resource for kindergartens. Allowing parents to use their respective expertise to participate in kindergarten education can enable them to understand kindergartens and understand early childhood education.
  3, the home garden is consistent, to promote the healthy and harmonious development of children. Teachers and parents, as the children's educators, are the mainstays of promoting development education for young children. The new ”Outline“ states that ”Kindergartens should take the initiative to cooperate with parents to help parents create a good family environment and publicize the knowledge of science conservation education for parents.“ To jointly shoulder the task of early childhood education.” Kindergartens should play a leading role, and should pay full attention to and take the initiative to do a good job of home-based cooperation, so that kindergartens and parents can achieve a unified understanding of educational ideas, principles, methods, etc., forming a synergy of education, homes The two sides work together to promote the healthy and harmonious development of young children.
  The parent conference was very successful, which brought the distance between parents and teachers closer. It also enabled parents and teachers to learn a lot from each other and enhance their communication. All this is because we have a common goal. That is to educate the children. I believe that in the days to come, we will be in the true heart of our children, love them, care for them, take good care of them, hand in hand, heart to heart, home together, let the children grow up healthy and happy.
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