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[Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten] Christmas Large-scale Show

[Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten] Christmas Large-scale Show

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  The annual Christmas is coming. In the Jinjiang Kindergarten of Qingjiang, the children, teachers and parents have dressed up and dressed up in the classroom to welcome this year's Christmas. This Christmas, we sang and danced. This Christmas, we gathered in Qingcheng Jincheng Kindergarten.
  Moderator's speech
  Child representative speech
  Teacher opening dance
  A group of children's dance “Tooty Ta”
  In this happy moment, at this dynamic moment. The children of the first class have prepared a famous rhythm dance music for us: “Tooty Ta”
  A class of English sitcom “Animal's school”
  I love my kindergarten and there are many friends in the kindergarten. Singing and dancing again, everyone is really happy. Look, animal babies also come to school!
  A small class fashion show “Come on, everybody”
  There is no professional T-stage, but it can bring you unprecedented surprises; there are no professional models, but you can bring you a show with a special flavor. Please enjoy the fashion show that the little ones bring.
  Chinese class poetry reading
  Poetry is water, nourishing everything. Poetry is honey, moisturizing the heart. Poetry is a beautiful music, and poetry is a beating note. Let us walk into English poetry to listen and feel.
  A dance class “apple tree”
  Do children like to eat apples? Eating apples is very good for the body, so where is the apple growing? Oh, of course, it's on the apple tree.
  A small class of sitcom “Pull Radish”
  A group of lively and lovely children pulled up the radish.
  The first class English sitcom “The Aliens”
  We are Chinese, Jay is American, I am, I have seen British, French, etc., and so on. We are all people on earth. But have you seen aliens?
  A small class song "Rain rain go away"
  Shashasha, Shashasha, light rain is still down. But I want to go out and play!
  Fast poetry
  Song music
  One class
  English sitcom “What are they”
  Three eyes? Two ears? a mouth? The monster is coming! It's terrible, oh, it's the middle class who are performing melodrama.
  Big Dance “Teddy bear&if you are happy”
  If you are happy, just clap your hands and clap your hands. If you feel angry, you will be lame and lame.
  Zhongda Class “Guo Xue Da Classroom”
  Talk to the sages with the classics. We feel the classics in the fragrant Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten.
  In this happy sea, we also ushered in the expectations of the existing awards.
  Award ceremony
  Santa Claus is coming
  Merry Christmas
  The event made the children feel the joy of the festival. While demonstrating themselves on the stage, they experienced the joy of success through hard work. They also let the teachers and students feel the warmth brought by the big family of kindergarten and deepen the teacher. Love, home, and family are a memorable Christmas for the children.