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[Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten] Flag Raising Ceremony

[Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten] Flag Raising Ceremony

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  Flag raising ceremony
  Today, Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten held a solemn flag-raising ceremony. The flag-raiser and flag-bearer who served as the flag-raising ceremony were six children from the Zhongda class. Under the careful guidance of the teachers, the children were spirited and spirited.
  Our “Little Flag Guardian” dressed in a uniform costume, in the music of “Flags”, took a vigorous and tidy pace, guarding the national flag into the flag-raising platform.
  When the majestic national anthem plays the first pleasing note, the bright five-star red flag is like a fiery flame, facing the sun, bathing in the morning sun, rising above the Qingcheng Jincheng Kindergarten.
  Oath under the flag
  The seemingly simple flag-raising, but it contains profound patriotic education emotions, and cultivates children's self-confidence and patriotism.
  In addition to the establishment of the small flag team, the kindergarten also made clear requirements for the flag-raising ceremony. At the same time, it unified the behavior of teachers, children and flag-raising ceremonies, not only letting children understand the solemnity and importance of the flag-raising ceremony, but also let the children The teacher knows that the flag-raising ceremony must stop all activities and silence, pay attention to the national flag, do a good example demonstration for the children, and make the weekly flag-raising ceremony become the most solemn patriotic education in the whole park.
  Of course, this is not the only way to educate. We will also carefully design various moral education activities, areas, and infiltrate the theme of education into daily educational activities, so that the patriotism and behavior of young children will be further deepened.
  - Patriotism, love the family, love yourself, be a truly happy person.
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