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Golden Field World Kindergarten Autumn Family Fun Tour - "Fantastic Close Contact"

Golden Field World Kindergarten Autumn Family Fun Tour - "Fantastic Close Contact"

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  Autumn in October, the autumn is high, it is the harvest season, and it is also a good time for family education and outdoor recreation.
  Our park has opened a journey of “fantastic intimate contact with nature”, letting our parents and children feel the nature and get close to nature.
  Starting out, GO!
  Can't wait to start!
  When the car loaded with laughter and singing came to the ecological park, the scene immediately attracted the curious children. Under the guidance of the tour guide and the class teacher, the children and parents walked into the base together to experience the beautiful pastoral scenery and Thick autumn.
  So happy, check out our harvest!
  "Look, the sweet potato is hidden in the soil!" The children cheered and immediately picked up the prepared shovel and dug it up. "And, the oranges above are big and yellow." Mom and Dad acted as assistants to the children.
  Bathing in the autumn and yang, satisfaction is full of words!
  Through parent-child picking activities, children can see the growing environment of vegetables, feel the process of picking and the joy of their own, so that they can experience the beautiful pastoral scenery in the natural and interesting activities and experience the harvest brought by labor. Happiness also fosters the spirit of mutual help and the spirit of teamwork; the value of the autumn-themed educational activities has also sublimated the theme of home-school education.
  See you next year!