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[Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten] Jiujiu Chongyang Festival

[Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten] Jiujiu Chongyang Festival

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  Sincerely, Chongyang, the annual Chongyang Chongyang, the garden chrysanthemum fragrance. I don't want to transplant it, but I will taste it with chrysanthemum! It's autumn, people are not old, and their hearts are not frosty. More need to think, but also ask the autumn cool, but also the autumn light!
  On October 26th, the children of Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten came to the Jincheng Community of Qingjiang. The children squatted, pinched their legs, twisted things, and performed various wonderful programs for grandparents. Grandparents and grandmothers The music is open, and the children are awesome and awesome.
  Set off
  I will pay you the truth, leave my sorrow to myself.
  I paid the youth to you, leaving the years to myself.
  I paid my life to you, leaving myself alone.
  I paid the spring to you, leaving me the winter.
  Love is something that no one can understand
  Love is an eternal melody
  Love is the process of laughing and teardrops falling
  Love used to be me and you
  A "Love Proverb" runs through the most unselfish feelings in the world - loving parents and loving children, without reservation, this is the continuation of life, the trace of the years is the eternal melody of life!
  A hug, silent communication, is the warmest light in ordinary life, can melt the coldest ice in the world.
  The children used their tender hands to help their grandparents massage their legs.
  Dear grandparents:
  On weekdays, you should also pay attention to your body and rest more!
  In this era of excess supplies, we are not worried about the lack of knowledge of children.
  But he will worry that he lacks compassion, responsibility and filial piety.
  Grandma, things are very heavy, let me help you take it!
  Grandma is happy to praise: It is a good boy who is sensible!
  So we often educate our children, learn to care, care for the people around us, and learn to care for other people in the society who need help.
  The most wonderful thing in the world is this.
  At the age of not being in the world, all expectations of life are the life of beautiful life.
  Children sing and dance
  Under the sun, the grandmother with silver hair is making beats for the children.
  See the interaction between one long and one child
  Let me deeply feel the importance of “life affects life”.
  The love behavior of the children was appreciated by Grandma, and Grandma put a medal on our little baby.
  【kind hearted】
  This is a positive emotional transmission, a transmission of love.
  While caring for the elderly, the children also felt a warmth from them.
  To say goodbye, grandparents have given them a small badge, and look forward to seeing our lovely children again next time. Isn't this a spiritual baptism and growth?
  The children also said that after returning home, they should also recite their grandparents and help our parents to do what they can.
  Know how to be grateful while knowing how to care for others
  The crow has the feeling of feeding back, and the sheep has the grace of breastfeeding.
  Don't wait for me, people are grateful
  Tomorrow is the Double Ninth Festival. All the teachers and students of Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten wish you grandparents: happy holidays, good health, good things, and smiles!
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