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[11·9] Golden Field World Kindergarten Autumn Fire Fighting Exercise

[11·9] Golden Field World Kindergarten Autumn Fire Fighting Exercise

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  In order to enhance the public's awareness of fire safety and make 119 more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it was launched in 1992, and the November 9th of each year was designated as the national firefighting publicity day.
  November 9th of this year is the 26th national firefighting publicity day. In order to carry out fire safety knowledge education, raise awareness of fire safety among teachers and students, and respond to the notice of “Fire Safety Education Activities” issued by Hongshan District Education Bureau, With the assistance of Huazhongcheng Fire Station, with the cooperation of all the teachers and students, our park successfully carried out the 2017 autumn fire escape emergency drill.
  Knowledge interaction
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  Walkthrough event
  At 10:30 in the morning, the fire evacuation drill officially began, and the kindergarten sounded an alarm.
  Under the guidance of the teachers, the children took a wet towel with a hand and swallowed their mouth and nose in a fast and orderly escape, bending and orderingly “escape” according to the designated route. Under the guidance of the teacher, the children were safely evacuated to the empty playground and fired on the scene. The whole drill was fast, safe and orderly.
  Pay tribute to the firefighter uncle!
  Fire safety tips
  First, tell your child not to play with fire, do not play with electrical equipment, otherwise you will be hurt.
  Second, teach children to know some fire-fighting signs, let them realize what is a safe export, what is the direction of evacuation, what places can not play, what is dangerous goods and so on.
  Third, teach children how to bend forward and how to protect themselves.
  Fourth, teach the children how to call the “119” fire alarm, how to report the fire.
  5. Tell the child what to do when the fire broke out, what to do if the body is on fire.
  Sixth, tell the children where to stay when they can't escape, how to let firefighters find them in time, etc., and also teach them more fire protection knowledge according to their age level.
  7. Parents must take the initiative to start from themselves and be role models for their children. Parents are the first and most important teacher of the child. In the eyes of the child, the parents are the idols in their hearts and the heroes of worship. The words and deeds of the parents will affect the children in a subtle way.
  Usually parents should pay attention to develop good habits and be a model for children to learn.
  [We took a photo with the firefighter uncle]