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[Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten] Fire drill

[Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten] Fire drill

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At home, I am in danger, I will fight against it, and I will prevent it.
- Safety is in mind
  In order to improve the ability of young children to resist emergencies, enhance the awareness of fire escape, improve the fire prevention and relief of all teachers and students, and self-rescue and self-protection, Qingjiang Jingcheng Kindergarten conducted an emergency evacuation drill this morning.
  The teachers gave the children an emergency escape education before the drills at the class. At 9:30 in the morning, the rushing fire alarm sounded on the campus. The children in the classes quickly lined up under the protection of the teachers and held them with wet towels. The nose and mouth, bent over, and the urgent and orderly evacuation from the evacuation route to the safe zone.
  The firefighter uncle introduced the firefighting vehicle equipment to the children.
  I also showed you the fire service, the children were fascinated, and they tried to wear the fire uniform of the fire uncle. The hat is too heavy, the fire uncle can't bear to press the child, lift it up and show it to the children.
  The heavy "equipment" is pressed on the body to understand the hardships and hardships of the firefighters. The children are dedicated to the firefighting uncles, and they are forgotten to die, heroic and tenacious, and selfless dedication can not help but admire.
  Finally, the firefighter uncle explained how to use the fire extinguisher correctly and gave a live demonstration:
  Pull out insurance
  Lift the fire extinguisher with your right hand and press the handle
  The left hand grips the nozzle to the root of the fire source
  The firefighter uncle also said that in addition to mastering the correct method of fire fighting, it is necessary to have a good psychological quality. If the incident does not panic, the flames can be extinguished in the initial fire.
  Fire safety song
  Children, don't play with fire, don't let parents eat bitter fruit. Self-protection is the key to not igniting fire and electricity. The fire alarm “119”, the fire does not go away. The heart does not panic, the intention is not chaotic, and evacuated in order. Wet towel, licking your nose and mouth, the body bends head to the ground. The fire escape must be remembered, and the parents of the teachers are relieved.
  Children should remember the firefighter's uncle's embarrassment!