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[Golden Fields World Kindergarten] Parent-child Games, "Run, Baby"

[Golden Fields World Kindergarten] Parent-child Games, "Run, Baby"

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  "Run, baby" parent-child games
  Exercise makes children healthy
  The game makes the kids happy
  This is a child between
  Friendship contest
  I believe the children will also be there.
  Growing up in happiness
  Excellent young teachers gave a wonderful opening dance to kick off the parent-child sports meeting.
  Director's speech
  The mother of the kindergarten, on behalf of the kindergarten, thanked the teachers who worked hard for the convening of the Games; thanked the parents who attended the Games after busy work; thanked the carefully prepared children! I hope that children will participate in physical exercise every day and grow up healthily!
  Fresh flowers
  A small class of Jiang Yan translated children and his father
  Sophomore class Li Lingfei children and his father
  Oath as a family representative
  Win not proud, be a brave little athlete
  Lose yourself, be the best of yourself
  Next, a warm welcome
  Little athletes enter the stadium
  First came to us is the flag square
  Sunshine, active small class
  A small class
  Innocent and lively small three classes
  A small class full of vigor and aura
  The fifth class of the living dragon
  Cute angels in a class
  In the middle class with firm steps
  The face is full of confidence in the second class
  Zhongsanban with unlimited energy
  The four classes that are ready to go
  A fresh and handsome class
  Well-trained sophomore class
  Vibrant junior class
  Vigorous senior class
  Activity small body
  The children followed the physical intelligence teacher and got active! And show the parents to the class exercises!
  Give the highest evaluation to the performance of the children!
  Parent-child games
  How can I have fewer parents and friends! Let's experience the atmosphere of the scene after the admission of parents and friends with Xiaobian~
  This is a happy moment that the children have been waiting for for a long time.
  Rolling dragon ball
  Shipping "materials"
  Run it!
  Dad, moms!
  Invincible caterpillar
  Parents and friends
  Companionship is the longest confession
  Oh, this is a good time.
  Stay with your kids!
  Walk with your child, see, play, and make trouble
  When the children grow up
  They no longer need us…