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[Golden Fields Kindergarten] Santa Claus is coming!

[Golden Fields Kindergarten] Santa Claus is coming!

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"Dangdang, Dangdang. Jingle is ringing..."
Christmas is coming!
In order to let the children have a happy, ingenious
And meaningful Christmas,
Teachers of Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten
There are parents who have prepared for the baby.
Great surprise!
What surprise is it?
Let's take a look together?
It turned out to be [Santa Claus]!
Baby, Santa Claus is coming to your class to give a gift~
are you ready?
[Santa Claus is in class! ! 】
Small class
Second class
Small three classes
Small class four
Small five class
One class
One class
Second class
Middle three classes
Secondary 4
Big class
Sophomore class
Junior class
Senior class
[Santa Claus] walked into the community!
Baby, give you a present!
Gifts are not light and heavy
And it’s your heart
It’s just an expression of our love for children.
It’s just that simple
Is the longest love confession~