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[Spring enrollment begins! 】 Hubei Province Experimental Kindergarten Jinyu Tianxia Garden

[Spring enrollment begins! 】 Hubei Province Experimental Kindergarten Jinyu Tianxia Garden

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Hubei Provincial Experimental Kindergarten Jinyu Tianxia Park
(A century of inheritance, drawing the essence)
Spring enrollment begins!
  Hardware facilities (facility support, full-featured)
  ※There is a spacious plastic playground in the outdoor; beautiful and fragrant seasonal flowers and fruit trees; a variety of large toys, sand pools and pools that are popular among young children; challenging climbing nets, climbing walls and crawling nets.
  ※Class is equipped with audio-visual machine, piano, straight drinking fountain, negative ion air purifier, 5 air conditioners, independent bathroom
  ※The layout is scientific and reasonable, creating a multi-functional activity room, creative art room, warm reading room, sound body room, construction room, love supermarket, happy theater, class area activity corner.
  ※One-button alarm
  ※All-round video surveillance without dead ends
  The environment and venues in the park are colorful~
Class environment is full of childlike
Faculty (senior expert, excellent teacher)
[senior teacher]
Lead us in the right direction
Our most powerful
Backing up~
  Park features (foreign teacher + body intelligence)
  ■ Foreign teacher - Sino-British combination
  The English teacher of our school is a foreign teacher with relevant qualifications for Chinese and English teaching, and is employed by the company after unified training. Teaching in the classroom in the UK, with the help of the Chinese language to ensure the quality of the course. Our park will also provide opportunities for UK parent-child study tours. The British parent-child study tour aims to improve the child's intellectual development and experience the life of an exotic country, and adapt to the international education atmosphere in advance. It is a way to strengthen the emotional communication between children and parents, and to enable children to have a learning and living environment that is very different from China. Our garden will also invite British families to bring their children to the park for short-term study visits and study in our school.
  ■Good music - diversification
  Based on the German Orff music theory, it draws on the advanced music education theories such as Dalcroze of Switzerland, Kodak of Hungary, the sense of comprehensive music of the United States, and the study of British long-form music. In actual situations, innovations are made in the arrangement of children's music education, the setting of goals, the choice of content, the teaching mode and methods. Cultivate children's creative thinking ability and improvisation ability to promote the overall development of children's physical and mental health.
  ■Physical intelligence - comprehensive development
  Taking sports as the main body, through the form of games, professional guidance. The physical fitness of young children stimulates the development of children's intellectual education, helps children learn the skills they need in the future, and increases the tolerance of children to frustration.
Colorful activities
[Baby respects the old feelings]
Baby learned to be grateful~
[Safety Fire Day]
Baby knows about fire and
Ways to protect yourself~
[Parent-child Games]
Baby and parents are more
Close and intimate~
[Santa Claus] is coming!
The babies are full of surprises and joys~
[Family fun garden music]
The babies and parents are full
Joy and challenge~
  Dear parents:
  Our school officially opened the 2018 spring enrollment work on January 11, 2018. The enrollment announcement is as follows:
  First, the number of students enrolled: 21 in the large class; 16 in the middle class; 20 in the small class;
  Second, the scope of enrollment: Jinyu Tianxia Community and surrounding communities can
  Third, the opening time: February 26, 2018 (the first month of the eleventh)
  Fourth, the charging standard:
  Teaching fee: 1980 yuan / month * 5 months = 9900 yuan / semester
  Living expenses: 396 yuan / month * 5 months = 1980 yuan / semester (18 yuan / day)
  Freshman: 7 sets of bedding, 1 school bag, 1 set of spring and autumn garden clothes, total 400 yuan
  V. Payment method: Alipay transfer, bank card transfer (warm reminder: can not swipe)
  Registration time: January 12, 2018 - January 26, 2018
  Seven, registration consultation phone: Ma teacher 18171288575 (WeChat).
  Registration notice
  Information required for new students to enter the park
  1. The original and photocopy of the child ID card (the original and photocopy of the birth certificate are provided without an ID card);
  2. the original and copy of the home page and the original page of the child account;
  3. The original and photocopy of the parent's parental account;
  4. The original health care manual with the child's admission certificate (must be issued by Hongshan District Maternal and Child Health Hospital);
  5. copy of the child vaccination record (copy requirements: child information page and vaccination record page);
  6. The original “Child Vaccination Inspection Report” issued by Zhangjiawan Community Hospital;
  7. children's one inch photo 8 sheets, packed and written the name of the child.
  Remarks: 1-5 items handed over to the kindergarten financial room teacher Ma
  6-7 items will be handed over to the class teacher on the day of school
  The above copy is a copy.