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[Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten] Happy Double "Dan" Week---Family Garden

[Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten] Happy Double "Dan" Week---Family Garden

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What is it that leads to people?
Why is Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten hot?
It turned out to be
Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten
Parent-child garden
Let's get started!
Do you particularly want to know what the specific grand event is?
Then follow us,
Review happy double "Dan" week ---
Parent-child gardening activities.
Parent-child gardening is unfolding in a laughter
Everyone signs in to the vouchers
The sports atmosphere of each class has been fully seen.
Activity equipment, venue
Really a little little excitement
Let's let us work together
Let's review our wonderful moments!
A total of 12 game projects together
Game item 1: "Bullying the sky"
"Mom, come on!"
"Mom, it's still a little bit!"
In the sound of the baby,
Mothers make unremitting efforts
Game Project 2: "Red Packet Guess"
"Hey, what a big red envelope?"
"what is it?"
"Let's guess what!"
Game Project 3: "Le Le Suite"
"Come on, baby,
Still a little bit in the set! ”
Game Project 4: "Food DIY"
"Wow, a lot of things~"
"I want to be a sandwich~"
Game item five: "handmade flower"
“Is the flower I made beautiful?”
"Baby, your little hand is really good!"
Game Activity 6: "Kitten Fishing"
"Small fish, you come up soon!"
Game item seven: "Little hand and big hand"
"Mom, I found you! ^_^"
"Awesome, baby!"
Game Item 8: "Destroy the Enemy"
Little sharpshooter, come on!
Game item nine: "Fun shot"
"1, 2, 3, launch!"
The ball, did it enter?
Game item ten: "Crazy Blast"
Guess, who will win? ^_^
Game Item 11: Brainstorming
"The emperor's new clothes (a word)"
what is it?
Game Item 12: "Pin Needle"
"Where is this?"
"Let's take a look together!"
"We get along with each other,
Encourage each other, unite and cooperate,
No matter what game you take seriously. ”
Happy Double "Dan" Week - Parent-child Garden
This is the end~
I hope that parents will cherish every time.
Opportunity to accompany children
We are all grown up~