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[Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten] English Little Star Party Event

[Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten] English Little Star Party Event

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Parent-child battle
Hopscotch captures the flag
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Bowling is fun
Walking the maze
Wow, winning!
  During the event, the children showed great and verbal spoken words, and the pure pronunciation was well received by parents. What makes these children who are not young enough to be fluent in English, the answer is: our Children are born to be smart!
  What makes these smart babies speak English and can blurt out? Is looking at the English disc? Simple to know a few words? NO!
  Learning a language for young children is not as autonomy and initiative as adults. It requires parents and teachers to create a good language learning environment.
  First of all, the pure pronunciation can be said to be of paramount importance. Once the pronunciation accent is formed, it is difficult to correct it. The foreign teacher can not only provide the child with a real language environment, but also cultivate the child's pure voice and sense of language. This innate language ability advantage and cultural background advantage can help children to improve their language skills while they are learning. So get rid of the “dumb English” and “Chinglish” in the old-fashioned education.
  Can I learn English well after two foreign language lessons in the week and a mechanical review after class? NO NO NO
  Language learning requires the ability to exercise language through continuous communication, requires planned teaching, and purposeful training. Only then can children naturally acquire language and master language expression ability in this environment. Rather than a question-and-answer mechanical operation.
  Still worrying about choosing a kindergarten for your child? Still worried about worrying about children learning English? Are you still worried about the various English tutoring classes after your child's primary school? Then choose Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten, Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten, a pure English kindergarten, excellent language environment, professional resident foreign teachers, mature systematic teaching materials, synchronous English kindergarten, English training system, advanced educational concept, One stop to solve all your troubles.
  Where is the kindergarten? Of course, Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten!