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Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten Family Fun Garden

Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten Family Fun Garden

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  Yuan has the meaning of the beginning, "Dan" means the meaning of Tianming. New Year's Day (New Year) is the first day of the year, also known as the new calendar year of the solar calendar. New Year's Day called "three yuan, that is, the yuan of the year, the yuan of the month, the yuan of time.
In the minds of ancient Chinese, "Yuan" is the beginning of meaning: "Dan" is the meaning of the morning. According to historical records, as a very important festival, in the history of China, "Yuanhe" has many titles, such as Yuanri, Yuanzheng, Yuanchen, Kainian, Yuanchun, Shangri, Huasheng, etc., but in many titles It is still said that "New Year's Day" is the most common and the longest time. The "yuan" of "New Year's Day" refers to the beginning, which is the first meaning. The beginning of the number is called "yuan" and "dan". The pictogram, the "day" above represents the sun, and the "one" below represents the horizon. “Dan” means that Taiyuan Danyang rises from the horizon, symbolizing the beginning of the day. When people combine the words "yuan" and "dan", they are extended to the first day of the New Year.
  Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten 2019 New Year's Day Parent-child Garden Tour officially started~ Let's take a look at our Shaoguan Prizes~ So many puzzles~ So many books, heart is not heart-warming? Baby must pass 10 key projects to get prizes, little warriors, come on!
  Our 10 venues are full of popularity! The parents lined up long queues and the teams were all outside the classroom~ Come and see what the kids are playing!
  The Little Warriors have been successful and finally reached the redemption session~~ The awards office has been surrounded by children~ Which prize do I have to choose? It seems that the Wang Wang team is more cute!
  This time the parent-child garden is over! The children have received the prizes and are happy to go home! I wish the big friends and children a happy holiday again! happy New Year! I wish you a happy holiday!