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[Drop Progress, Witness Growth] Review of the final report of Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten! ! !

[Drop Progress, Witness Growth] Review of the final report of Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten! ! !

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  With spring and summer accompanied by autumn and winter
  The footsteps of the end of the semester are quietly coming, and the semester of joy is coming to an end!
  Our children have grown up!
  But what is it called to grow up?
  Mom said: growing up is from toddler to flying high
  The teacher said: Growing up is from the language of the teeth to the export of chapters, civilized, and polite.
  In order to let parents know about their children's learning and living conditions in the park, share the happiness of children's growth, and at the same time
  Show parents the fruitful results of kindergarten education this semester.
  On January 18, 2019, Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten organized “Grateful Growth and Love” – the last half of the semester
  Reporting activities.
  Join hands to witness growth and stimulate the energy of happiness.
  ?????Here, every child's progress has been affirmed, and each child's personality has been publicized. I also hope that parents can look at children with multiple perspectives, encourage children with encouraging language, appreciate children with their eyes, and let children grow up healthy and happy in the sunshine of “love”!
  Hey! Who said that we are small, we can do it one by one!
  Activity silhouette
  “Almighty Baby”, “Best Talent Baby”, “Maximum Progress Award”, “Most Beautiful Baby”, etc... Every child is a growing sapling, and each award is a teacher’s affirmation to the baby. After each award, there are footprints for children to grow up.
  Thanksgiving companionship
  The activity embodies the hard work and wisdom of teachers and children. It not only fully demonstrates the children's innocent and lively personality, but also demonstrates the confident and brave spirit of our children. Through this event, every child has the opportunity to show themselves. The laughter and laughter of the children in the park made us deeply feel that the kindergarten is a warm family.
  Here, I wish you a better tomorrow in Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten! Also wish our little ones happy, happy and healthy growth! Grateful parents for their understanding and support of kindergarten work. Finally, I wish the baby and parents a happy new year and a happy family!