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[Dynamic Basketball Happy Show] - The first "Speed Cup" Children's Basketball League

[Dynamic Basketball Happy Show] - The first "Speed Cup" Children's Basketball League

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  "Speed Cup" Children's Basketball League
  Basketball is life, the stadium is the society, the game is the game, and the basketball is used to make the children a better future. On January 12th, the children of Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten accompanied by the coach and parents went to the Wuchang Institute of Technology Gymnasium to participate in the first “Basketball Cup” preschool basketball competition sponsored by Wuhan Suhang Sports Development Co., Ltd. The children walked into the game with a basketball dream.
  Little basketball, big dream
  I know that these children may not play basketball as their career in the future, and may not be in the professional arena. However, this is the beginning of their goal of "lifelong exercise"!
  Who can guarantee that they will not have the next Yao Ming, the next Xue Yuyang, the next Yi Jianlian, the next Ding Yan Yu Hang, the next Zhou Qi, the next Guo Ailun?
  These will definitely be an unforgettable moment on the road to children's growth!
  2018 Speed Cup Basketball Highlights
  Just as Mr. Liang Qichao said in his book "Youth China" a hundred years ago: "Adolescent is strong, the country is young, the young is progressing, the country is progressing, the young is male, and the country is on the earth!" Let us look forward to the children better. Show it!
  In this event, we have three teams in Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten. One team won the "Excellence Award"; the first team won the “Bronze Award”; the first team won the "Silver Award"!
  The children's basketball game not only improves the children's motor skills, enhances the child's physical fitness, gains a sense of honor, but also stimulates the children's love for basketball. More importantly, it fosters the team spirit of the children and the sports that they will never give up. spirit. Sweat, tears are finally exchanged for a happy smile on everyone's face, but also for the little athletes in their childhood memories to retain a wonderful part of their own!