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Zhu Baiyun

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  Personal profile
  Zhu Baiyun, female, and junior teachers. Engaged in early childhood education for 5 years, I have been adhering to the usual mentality, happy emotions, fast-paced, high-efficiency, doing more ordinary things, real things, giving opportunities to children, leaving wonderful to children, applause Give it to the child and give hope to the child.
  I love my job, whether it is standing on the platform or behind the teaching services. With the progress of the times, as a preschool teacher, I must keep up with the times, keep up with the pace of the times, and continue to learn and innovate in the process of education and teaching.
  I also firmly believe that love is the key to open the hearts of students. Without love, there is no education. Only love can win love! In order to pass on love to every child, it will also reap the love of the students and the trust of the parents.
  Teacher's note
  “Ten years of trees, a hundred years of tree people”, chose a preschool teacher, chose the responsibility of being a teacher; chose “leading by example” and “being a teacher”, and chose to demonstrate the noble behavior to young children, with an elegant interest. Young children, and to do this requires the kindergarten teachers to have a high sense of responsibility, love and patience, to be responsible for the child with a love, to be responsible to the parents, and to be responsible for the future of the society.
  As a teacher, it should first be a friend of the child. In an equal relationship, the teacher is a partner of the child, so that the child is psychologically safe, relaxed, and let him live in an atmosphere of freedom, respect, equality and cooperation. In the children's full activities, get the opportunity to express their desires and abilities.
  The children of our class are different in personality. Some children are lively and generous. They can show themselves on their own initiative. When they see the guests, they can greet themselves. When they hear music, they can dance and perform for everyone. This is what we advocate. But some children, they are more active in the class, once they leave their familiar environment, or come to the guests at home, or the kindergarten has visited strangers, etc., they are very timid and afraid to speak. The formation of this timid personality is mostly due to the lack of opportunities for exercise and the lack of conditions to express one's courage. If not guided in time, it will seriously affect the development of children's life. The timid children often do not have the courage to speak in front of the crowd, or the voice is very small. In order to change this timid character, we strive to provide young children with the opportunity to “speak” and let Nai express their desires and feelings in front of everyone.
  As a preschool teacher, how to teach young children and how to actively communicate with young children is very important.
  First, the current concept of education requires that the status of teachers and young children is equal. Teachers should respect the first child, sit down as a friend and talk to their children to understand their personality traits. If these are easy, it will be difficult to do. Everyone has their own rights, including the children's own rights, so don't force the children to do anything, you can guide the children to move. Teachers use kind words to care about what they like, what they do, and what they need. This has brought the teacher-student relationship closer and enabled us to implement our goals.
  Second, carry out a variety of games, so that children get knowledge from them in educational activities, teachers will try to design games that are consistent with educational content. Realize the “game-based activities” required by the “Procedures” and educate them in the activities.
  Third, grasp the bright spots of young children. Let the children be confident and do everything well. Teachers should encourage young children, including some very small things, to praise them. They will develop and improve. There is a child in this class who is not allowed to pronounce. I will Constantly correcting, as long as he is a little advanced, we will give praise and establish their self-confidence. Now, the pronunciation has been greatly improved. These high-speed praises are like a small halo, and the teachers personally bring them.
  Therefore, as a preschool teacher, you must be a good teacher and a friend of young children to ensure their happy growth.
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