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Luo Pei

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  I am Luo Pei, female, graduated from Hubei Second Normal College in pre-school education in July 2010, and then entered the experimental kindergarten in Hubei Province. During her work, she used her spare time to study undergraduate majors in pre-school education at Huazhong Normal University, spring, summer, autumn and winter. In the early childhood education, I have experienced the teaching experience of children without age. I have been working for six years from the work and have obtained the title of “first-level teacher” in kindergarten. In my work history, I have been Mr. Tao Xingzhi's words “hold a heart, do not take half a grass to go” as the motto, and I also use practical actions to show the essence of this sentence to everyone. I am dedicated, dedicated, dedicated, dedicated, and treat children with love, patience, and responsibility. Always put the children first, be good at communicating with parents, and have been well received by parents. Falling flowers are not ruthless things, turning into spring soil and protecting flowers. As a spring mud in the kindergarten education field, I don't have the best to cultivate my own flowers, but only better, I have been working hard because I love it. In the profession of preschool teachers, I am proud of having this ordinary but creative career.
  Educational experience:
  "Ten years of trees, a hundred years of tree people", when choosing a kindergarten teacher, they chose to be the teacher's responsibility; they chose "leading by example" and "being a teacher", and they chose to demonstrate their noble behaviors to young children with elegant interests. Infecting young children, and to do this, it is necessary for the kindergarten teachers to have a high sense of responsibility, love and patience, to be responsible for the child with a loving heart, responsible for the parents, and responsible for the future of the society.
  Optimism is a positive attitude towards life. It is a healthy state of mind and a source of happiness in life. It is like a warm sun, full of divine power. A child-loving teacher who loves life and is optimistic and active must be a teacher who always smiles and is especially loved by children. As a teacher, it should first be a friend of the child. In an equal relationship, the teacher is a partner of the child and makes the child in psychology. Going to safety, relaxation, and letting him live in an atmosphere of freedom, respect, equality, and cooperation. In this atmosphere, let the children fully participate in activities and gain opportunities to express their desires and abilities.
  At the same time, the positive working attitude of preschool teachers can not only promote the children's emotions, but also help them to form their sunny personality. It will also promote the continuous improvement of educational effects and make the early childhood education more meaningful.
  To be a child's favorite teacher, you must be in a game with your child so that the child will be close to you and willing to communicate with you. For example, when a child enters the park, he or she should greet the child with enthusiasm and ask them some things. For example: "Children, today morning. What food do you eat? Is it delicious?" Or say: "You are beautiful today! Your clothes look so good!" When the child talks to the teacher, the teacher should communicate with the child with enthusiasm. For young children, be patient and listen to the questions of the child. In addition, the teacher's patience is closely related to love. Should put down the teacher's mentality, communicate with the child on an equal footing, chat with the child during free activities, and pay attention to the cartoon characters that the child likes, no longer a bystander, but with the child? Game without worry, sometimes lose? When discussing the problem, listen to your child's opinions and accept the child's reasonable advice instead of using the teacher's title to suppress them. In fact, the inner world of children is very rich. Sometimes they may not know what they know. If they say something, we may be shocked. I don't believe it is from a child's mouth. Communication can not only develop children's language skills, but also increase the harmony between children and teachers. If we often communicate with children and chat, children will treat us as friends, not teachers. Over time, we will be very close to us, and we will be willing to talk with the teacher when we encounter something. In this way, we have become an indispensable partner for children.
  Therefore, to be a good nurse teacher, you must be a child's favorite teacher, you must have love, patience, and responsibility; like to be with your child, but also love your own work, only then, work If you have the motivation, you will be willing to give yourself a selfless effort. Because the children's healthy and happy growth is my most gratifying harvest, but also the greatest happiness and happiness.
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