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Qingjiang Jincheng Education

1、Basic course

In the six fields of health, language, art, society, science and early mathematics, based on quality education, we will explore and cultivate children's multiple intelligences, commit to early childhood development, and cultivate good life and study habits and excellent personality qualities for children. .

From childhood, let children know, appreciate, and learn to create good behaviors and characters during their childhood, and form good values.

Cultivate children's interest in participating in sports activities; promote the normal development and coordination of children's body; develop children's physical quality and basic ability.



2、Core curriculum

In May 2016, our park officially obtained the copyright and use rights of Tick-tock's "Reading Time" textbook. Tick-tock "Reading Time" was published by Oxford University Press. It is based on the age of children and follows the concept of early childhood education. English graded readings. Committed to comprehensive development in six areas of health, society, science, art, early mathematics and language. Dr. Haichen of Aston Parker Education Group provides professional teaching guidance and teaching analysis, and a professional foreign international qualification teacher from the Aston Park Early Childhood Chain Service in the UK conducts daily teaching for children to develop children in these six aspects. At the same time, the formation of the second largest language system for young children - English.

Providing opportunities for new students to study abroad, the British parent-child study tour is aimed at improving children's intellectual development and experiencing foreign life, and adapting to the international education atmosphere in advance. It can not only strengthen the emotional communication between children and parents, but also enable children to have a very different learning and living environment from China. At the same time, British families will be invited to bring their children to the park for short-term study visits and study in our school. Provide "full program" professional services for parents and young children, such as early childhood education, children's English, study tours, study abroad, and visa services.