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CangLong Island Enrollment

Instructions for entering the kindergarten of Zanglong Island Kindergarten

1. The original and photocopy of the child ID card (the original and photocopy of the birth certificate are provided without an ID card);

2, the original and copy of the home page and the original page of the child account;

3. The original and photocopy of the parent's parental account;

4. The original health care manual with the child's admission certificate (must be issued by the Jiangxia Maternal and Child Health Hospital)

5, child vaccination inspection report (can go to Han Pai Chinese Medicine Hospital or economics college hospital on Monday or Thursday can bring vaccination this free card)

6, children's one inch photo 8 sheets, packed and written the name of the child.

Remarks: Free registration for schoolbags and garden uniforms for one semester. Bedding can be purchased voluntarily (400 yuan seven sets) The size of the bed is: 60CM*150CM

Contact information

Tel:13886021980  027-81978180


Zanglong Island Kindergarten Admissions Guide

Target of enrollment

3~6 years old, healthy child

Admission procedure

Parents are requested to go to the kindergarten for an interview with the child

care manual and the child's medical examination results.

Registration address

Hubei Experimental Kindergarten, Zanglong Island Park (Western

Gate of Hubei University of Economics)