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About Us

Aston Park Education Group is headquartered in Newcastle, one of the UK's most popular cities, close to many of the world's top universities. As the core city of England, Newcastle is a comprehensive city integrating academics, technology and leisure. At the same time, in order to provide more convenient application channels for domestic students, the company has established international language training centers and study abroad service departments in Beijing, Wuhan and other places in China. The group includes Sino-British international cooperation schools and English-style children's enlightenment. Education, English professional training, UK study abroad program, UK visa service, short-term mutual visits between China and the UK, job search in the UK, UK investment.

Aston Education Group is one of the well-established international education management and service institutions in China. It is committed to introducing high-quality international education resources to China and providing a comprehensive study and placement system for higher education institutions in the world. It is also an intercultural exchange and cooperation. A platform for excellence, in order to assist clients in studying abroad as an opportunity to look forward to a longer life career plan. Whether you are returning to the UK or immigrating to the UK, Aston Park Education provides you with one-stop education, living, home, work and immigration services.

In order to discover your potential and recommend the most suitable international education course for everyone's development stage, Aston Parker provides a high-quality one-stop service for consulting, application and visas in the UK with a professional elite team. 


Beijing company established


The most trustworthy educational institution in Haidian District, Beijing
IELTS official partner
British Ministry of Education custom-made small-age study abroad monitoring center
Beijing Haidian District Excellent Enterprise of the Year
Overseas talent introduction agency

Hubei Wuhan Company was established


Cambridge University Examination Centre, UK
UK Education and Culture Agency Overseas Cooperation Agency
IELTS official partner
Excellent organization for studying abroad at your own expense
British Ministry of Education designated the Junior Care Abroad Monitoring Center
Deputy Director Unit of Chinese-English Association

More exciting, so stay tuned...

British Newcastle company established


Northern England Special Contribution Award
Excellent partner of the UK Ministry of Education

The establishment of the Zanglong Island Kindergarten


Boy Scout Activity Base
Let the child's morality, intelligence, body, beauty and labor develop in an all-round way

Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten was established


Jin and TI pressed kindergarten was established

Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten was established


Second Prize of the 13th CCP International Fairy Tale Creative Competition
The 21st Growth Trail is the second prize of the National Children's Creative Art Competition.

Mocha Town Kindergarten was established


Creative art culture
Exploring and cultivating children's multiple intelligences based on quality education

Qingjiang Yupei Campus was established


IELTS official partner
UK Education and Culture Agency Overseas Cooperation Agency
Deputy Director Unit of Chinese-English Association

Wuhan Tianxiang Shangfu Kindergarten


Comprehensive training to develop children's physical characteristics

Let each child have their own space to develop

Wuhan Xuhui Yufu Kindergarten


Highlight personality development

Raise children with dreams

Enshi Aston Park Ideal City kindergarten


The common teaching mode of Chinese and foreign teachers

Create a multi-dimensional bilingual atmosphere for children

  • Official partner of the UK Ministry of Education
  • China IELTS official partner
  • Training Centre
  • Deputy Director Unit of Chinese and English Exchange Association
  • British Ministry of Education designated low-level study abroad supervision center
  • British private school league designated overseas test sites
  • Cambridge University Press, UK
  • Satisfaction first
  • British Embassy and Immigration Department Certification Body
  • Dinklos Middle School
  • Princess Helena College
  • Lincoln College
  • Newcastle College
  • St Andrews Cambridge College
  • Wycliffe College
  • Wellington College
  • UK Company License

Our mission

Core value



Loyalty, responsibility, innovation and efficiency

To provide quality services to students and parents

Build a broad development platform for employees

To undertake comprehensive educational responsibilities for the society

Deepen international education and train talents scientifically

Learn the world language, be a world citizen; Spread Chinese culture in the world language

Aston Park Education Group, headquartered in Newcastle, UK, is committed to promoting and developing high quality preschool education institutions in central China and the UK between educational and cultural exchanges. China's domestic group set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Wuhan, set up a professional preschool education management organization, to create high-quality direct kindergarten. At present, the kindergartens that have been opened include Canglong Island Garden, Jinyu World Garden, Qin Garden, Moka Garden, Tianxiang Shang Fu Garden, Xu Hui Yu Fu Garden and Enshi Ideal City Garden. In the next three years, it will open 15 directly operated kindergartens.

Group adhering to "learn the world language, be a world citizen; The educational goal of "spreading Chinese culture with world language"; Adhere to the philosophy of "seeking truth, enlightening wisdom, cultivating kindness and cultivating beauty"; Highlight the characteristics of "theme leading a day's life, regional implementation of scientific education"; Adopt the international education management mode, integrate the world's advanced teaching and research results, construct its own unique education system, in order to form "the whole garden with the same goal, one garden with one feature" both comprehensive and personalized development of the healthy pattern; Adhere to the artistic, interesting, educational hardware environment and humanized management, to provide more school-age children and parents with quality services.

Reshaping the People-oriented "Happy Children" Education Goal

After fully studying Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the Aston Parker Preschool Group established a "Happy Children" preschool education based on Maslow's research on how to meet and respect children's material needs, interpersonal needs, and spiritual needs. system.

Constructing an ecological environment for early childhood education

Aston Parker Early Childhood Education Group aims to develop a child care education system under the big ecological environment of the three-in-one early childhood education through the combination of hard work, innovation, breakthrough, overseas imported education and local education practice. , family, education assistance and other support, create a special school to improve the quality of education.

  • Comprehensive quality training

    Enhance the physical fitness of young children, cultivate healthy living attitudes and behavioral habits, enrich children's emotions, and promote the healthy development of children's personality.

    Pursuit of truth
  • Based on international vision

    Bringing together the cultures of many countries in the world, expanding the international vision of young children, establishing a correct world view, laying the foundation for children to cross the country and carry out cultural exchanges.

    Inspiring intelligence
  • Equipped with first-rate foreign teachers

    Create a multi-lingual environment for young children, and equip teachers from the UK to teach in kindergartens to improve their enthusiasm for language communication and develop language skills.

    Cultivate kindness
  • Cultivate the spirit of seeking knowledge

    Provide multi-functional environment support and intuitive visual tactile experience for children's experiential learning, stimulate children's curiosity and desire to explore, develop cognitive skills.

    Cultivate appreciation of beauty

From cradle to adult

Lifelong learning mode

Both IQ & Emotional Intelligence

Educational concept

Six functional applications

Education system

Modern elegance

learning environment



International leading

Educational methods

Course tracking

Service purposes

Staying overseas


Situational Children's English

Theme Club