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Jinyu Tianxia Introduce



Cultivate children of the world in the language of the world.


Hubei Provincial Experimental Kindergarten Jinyu Tianxia Garden is a direct-operated garden of Hubei Experimental Kindergarten. It is located in Jintian Tianxia Community, Hongshan District, Wuhan. The whole park covers an area of more than 4,000 square meters, and the green area in the park is 2,100 square meters. There are 13 classes in the park, more than 300 children and 51 faculty members. The park is equipped with well-equipped facilities and distinctive features. It is a children's playground that integrates education, childlikeness and scientificity. In addition to a strong team of expert management, the park also has a team of teachers who are good at thinking and have a strong professional ability, excellent ideological quality, and solid basic skills. For children, they always maintain the "three hearts" as a preschooler, love, patience and responsibility.


Hardware facilities (facility support, full-featured)
● Outdoors has a spacious plastic playground; beautiful and fragrant seasonal flowers and fruit trees; a variety of large toys, sand pools and pools that are popular among young children; challenging climbing nets, climbing walls, and crawling nets.
● The class is equipped with an audio-visual machine, piano, straight drinking fountain, negative ion air purifier, 5 air conditioners, and an independent bathroom.
● The layout is scientific and reasonable, creating a multi-functional activity room, a sunny kitchen, a creative art room, a warm reading room, a sound body room, a construction room, a love supermarket, a happy theater, and a class area activity corner.
● One-button alarm.
● All-round video surveillance without dead ends.

Professionalization of teachers, exquisite services, humanization of the park, comprehensive curriculum, and standardized management.

Practical, pragmatic: Be serious, be patient

Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten Park
Jinyu Tianxia Kindergarten Park