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Hubei Province Experimental Kindergarten Enshi Ideal City Park
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  Project Name: Enshi Ideal City Park, Experimental Kindergarten, Hubei Province
  Project Location: Building 7, Enshi Ideal City, Enshi City, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hubei Province
  Project area: construction area is about 2984.46㎡
  Ideal City Kindergarten is located in Building 7 of Enshi Ideal City Community. It is developed by Enshi Xinhua Real Estate Co., Ltd., which is an ideal community supporting park. The floor has 3 floors and the building area is about 2984.46 square meters. It is expected to open in March 2019.
  Hubei Province Experimental Kindergarten Ideal City Branch Park is expected to invest 10 million yuan to open 12 regular classes. The kindergarten aims to integrate educational concepts into the environment and leave time and space to the children's paradise.
  The children's activity room is separated from each other. The environment of the kindergarten is created with the concept of “creating a beautiful, comfortable and safe living home and a fun and imaginative children's paradise”。 Based on the development of young children, it meets the needs of young children. There are a variety of special event rooms, which are conducive to the education of children's various qualities; create conditions for the children to develop comprehensively, harmoniously and individually.
  Kindergartens have large outdoor activities, green areas are up to standard, outdoor large-scale toys are fully equipped and safe, which is convenient for young children to carry out sports and promote the healthy development of children's physical and mental health.