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How are five types of children educated?

How are five types of children educated?

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  In daily life, the common people often say “a key to open a lock”, and the same is true when educating children. Do you know your child? Children's habits and characteristics You must constantly observe the advantages and disadvantages of the child, encourage and support the child to do in terms of merit, and guide and enlighten the child in bad aspects.
  The performance and educational methods of several types of common children are as follows:
  The first type of child performance:
  Children who don't have to listen to the class. Such children are mainly characterized by hyperactivity, fun, and love of speech. Even at home, they also show their absent-minded education for such children. Some parents said, “That is a school thing, I should not take care of it, I am again. Can't sit next to the child.” In fact, practicing the child to listen carefully, to start from the daily life, because living habits and study habits are closely related.
  The main method of education: First, parents should practice to let the children listen to it as soon as possible. Secondly, in the life, parents can consciously practice the child's obedient ability, such as laying out three or four things, doing what first, then what to do. Finally, parents should observe whether the child is like this. Again, the parents should consciously practice the child's attention, talk to the child, and let the child look at your face. Fourth, the parents can also tell the child some of the lectures. Xiaomeng fifth, parents should try to ask the children to retell the classroom content, or talk about the most impressive topics in class.
  The second type of child performance:
  Children who pursue money and material enjoyment. The main manifestations of such children are “wearing famous brands and eating fine products.” Pay attention to food and clothing, and some go to school to take motorcycles and tricycles.
  The main methods of education: First, parents should lead by example, hard and plain, tell them about their childhood experiences and stories. Secondly, parents should tell the children about the family income and expenditure plan, and solicit the opinions of the children. Again, effectively educate Children plan to use money and use typical examples to educate their children.
  The third type of child performance:
  Excessive children. These children mainly show love, play, love, fight, and difficult to discipline, but they are smarter, quicker, and more receptive.
  The main method of education: First, establish a good interpersonal relationship with the children, let them understand that they are not a “disobedient child”, so they are easily psychologically educated and guided. Secondly, it is necessary to let go properly and discipline. If the discipline is too strict, and their personality is wrong, it will be counterproductive. Give him a certain freedom, a certain flow time and space. Once again, patiently teach: that patient education and dredging communication, through reasoning, make children understand that some of their “senses” are not so good, not so consistent with social morality and norms, and thus voluntarily forsake their own “sense” and overcome themselves. The problem is gradually moving towards growth.
  The fourth type of child performance:
  A child with a severe inertia. Such children are mainly characterized by passive learning, unfinished homework or plagiarism, resulting in a blank or cheating test.
  The main method of education: First of all, we should start practicing with the usual chores, and don't let the children come to open their mouths and clothes to reach out. The second is to help the child make plans and strengthen supervision. Third, parents should lead by example, and everything plays a role. The fourth is to cultivate diligent habits from the daily routines that the child can do, and persevere and practice.
  The fifth type of child performance:
  A child who has no position in elder education. Such children have turned a deaf ear to the education of their parents and teachers.
  The main method of education: First, let the children understand the pains of their parents. Understand that any method of education for parents and teachers is for their healthy growth. Secondly, educate them in a harmonious atmosphere and eliminate their “hostility.” “Let them be willing to obey the teaching. Third, give the child the right to speak, let him say the reason, say the reason, even if it is inaccurate or untrue.” Fourth, we must be more tolerant. After education, we will do wrong things, give opportunities for correction, be patient, and wait. The fifth is to educate the child's tone to be firm. Both parents should have the same tone of speaking. Some parents are laughing and joking, some don't think it is intentional, some are understatement, and some sing each one. This is not conducive to education.
  Therefore, parents and families educate their children is the most important thing. In the education of children, we must persist and observe carefully. We must not guide and guide. We do not want to put our children in school to manage ourselves. I feel that nothing is wrong. This is wrong. The family and parents are the first teachers of the child.