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What causes the child to be willful

What causes the child to be willful

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  Mommy error 1 “No” can be “may not work” or even “line”
  Why does the baby keep asking for candy, something to be delicious, asking parents to pay attention to him alone, asking for new toys, listening to a story, etc., and getting angry when the requirements are not met? The reason is because he has already touched the minds of his parents. He understands that many times, the “no” of parents is not really “no”, only “may not work”, and this “may not work” can be quickly converted into “rows”, as long as he fights hard to achieve the goal . Baby desperately “must, want, want”, parents will not give up the principle of giving, giving, giving, giving. Under such environmental stimuli, I gradually mastered the desperate attempt to control my parents, and to develop a self-willed bad habit.
  Intimate advice to parents:
  * Once you have given the baby the answer “No”, you must stick to your position. If you always refused the baby's request to buy a new toy in the first store, but in the second store, you couldn't stand the entanglement and promised him. Then, Mommy's approach is definitely to strengthen the baby. The behavior of “must, want, want” and strengthen his confidence.
  * Don't refuse unconditionally whatever the baby's requirements. If the baby's request is reasonable and you can do it again, you should agree to his request. Indiscriminately reject the baby, or in order to tease the baby to deliberately refuse to meet his requirements, and then satisfied afterwards, this practice and the same as the one-time move, will breed the habit of the baby's waywardness.
  Mommy error 2 “black face”, “white face” come together
  If the family member plays a completely different role in front of the baby, it will give the baby a hint: even if the father does not agree with my request, the mother will promise me, even if the father and mother do not agree to my request, always Someone promised my request. Therefore, in the face of the baby's “Yes! Want! To!” family must be consistent, can not let the smart baby drilled.
  Intimate advice to parents:
  * Family members must be unified. All the people in the family, including grandfather, grandmother, father, mommy and even the nanny must be consistent. When the baby was clamoring for sugar to be rejected by Mommy, there was no more than a grandfather saying, “You let your child eat candy.” It can even make him angry. Therefore, the family members' requirements are consistent to avoid the baby's willful behavior. If someone is unwilling or unable to do this, it is best to let them separate from the baby for a while.
  Mommy Error 3 uses “give! Give! Give!” to make up for the lack of parent-child time
  If parents always use the method of giving gifts to the baby, as compensation that cannot always be with the baby, or accustomed to expressing apology and affection to the baby in this way, then the baby will soon develop into a parent. The habit of asking for something or mentioning the matter.
  Intimate advice to parents:
  * Instead of constantly giving baby gifts to make up for the shortcomings that can't be with him often, it's better to take as much time as possible to accompany the baby to play together. After all, gifts are far from being a substitute for parent-child feelings. Moreover, the time to spend with your baby doesn't have to be long. You don't have to go to work for a while after work, watch a TV show for a while, or attend a party that is not so necessary. You can Take enough time to accompany the baby.
  * It is best to set a fixed time to accompany the baby every day. For example, telling the story to the baby before going to bed, playing games with the baby for a while, or even just chatting for a while, can make the baby realize the deep love of the parents. In this way to make up for the shortcomings that can't always be with the baby, not only can enhance the parent-child relationship, but also encourage the baby to realize that only good performance can get the attention of the parents, and the wayward crying behavior can not attract the attention of parents. . In this way, the baby will try to go to good performance and gradually form a good habit.
  Mommy error 4 baby can be different in public places and at home
  Many parents can strictly ask for a baby at home, but when they go to public places, they don't want to make themselves very embarrassed because of the baby's crying. They often relax their requirements for the baby. After a long time, they will grow their willful behavior.
  Intimate advice to parents:
  * Prepare your mind in advance. In order to avoid being so embarrassed by the baby's crying in public places, you can't implement your “Resolutely ignore the baby's crying” plan, you can preview it at home and let him know that your determination can't be shaken.
  * Regardless of how the baby cries, be sure to do it. For example, each time you go out, you can make a list, telling the baby to buy only the items listed on the list, and resolutely follow the list.
  Mommy can reinforce the request to strengthen the baby before entering the store. For example, if you want to drink a drink, and you think that he is not thirsty, he will find some reasons to reject him: “You can't drink now, it's not good for you.” Once you tell your baby, you must hold on. Don't give up easily even if the baby is crying and making trouble. For example, if you are standing in front of the payment desk in the supermarket, baby looks at the tempting merchandise and asks you a lot of requests, from candy to picture books. You agreed to buy him a piece of bubble gum, but just when you are ready to pay, he sees the cute antenna baby lollipop, so he makes a lollipop. For the lollipop of this dollar, the baby kept crying, so you are very embarrassed, you almost gave up, decided to give the baby a lollipop. This is a critical moment, you must not waver, because this is a very important learning for both of you.
  Mommy error 5 baby is not sensible, no need to tell him reason
  Baby is not what we imagine, it doesn't make sense. In fact, no matter how small the baby is, he can understand the truth. Even if he didn't understand the truth at the time, if Mommy often instilled it, he would gradually understand what Mommy said and recognize the consistency and unchangeability of these principles.
  Intimate advice to parents:
  * Tell your baby about your decision at any time, let him know what he can and can't do, so that the baby can understand what kind of authority he has. For example, if the baby wants to eat candy before meals, he can simply and plainly say to him: “We are going to eat soon. You can't eat candy before meals. You can eat one after dinner.” Mom must speak when he speaks. Mild but not distinguishable.
  * If the baby is still entangled in you, don't endlessly convince him, but always answer him with the sentence he just said. No matter how many reasons he finds out, you insist on continuing to do your business indifferently. Although he may lose his temper, noisy or pleading at the beginning, he will eventually give up this unnecessary entanglement.
  Mommy error 6 praise and reward is always the best way to encourage baby
  When the baby is performing well, give the baby some encouragement that can really strengthen the baby's good behavior. But the praise and encouragement without limit will be counterproductive. Not only can it not stimulate the good behavior of the baby, but it may make the baby feel numb and even more willful.
  Intimate advice to parents:
  * Time to praise baby. While rejecting the unreasonable requirements of the baby and training him to learn to wait, be sure to pay more attention to the baby, especially when he can accept the “no”. In order to encourage the good behavior of the baby, sometimes you can even take the initiative to send something he dreams of to make him happy, but don't do it often. Otherwise, all his actions are all in the gift, and when there is no gift, everything is revived.
  * Give the baby a scoring reward. Scoring is a good way. Give him 1 point each time when the baby can accept your refusal or do what you want. When the baby's score reaches a certain amount, he can redeem a prize.
  Mommy error 7 to deal with unreasonable requirements must be hard
  If the baby insists on something in the public place, some parents may stop his unreasonable request by yelling or even snoring the baby, and feel that this can control the baby. This can make the baby feel very wronged, add unnecessary psychological pressure to him, and further arouse his confrontation.
  Intimate advice to parents:
  *When the baby insists on crying in a public place to ask for something, and the parents are helpless, it is best to take him away. For example, let him stay in the car or in the lounge until he does not lose his temper and then take him back to the original place. If you cry too much, you may have to take him home. This will let the baby understand that you are indeed determined, and it is useless to cry again.
  * When dealing with baby crying in this way, be sure to pay attention to safety, do not leave him alone at home or in the car. The next time you go out, remember to continue to take the baby with you and give him a chance to prove that he has corrected the mistake.
  The above parents often make mistakes, parents may do it in the unintentional situation, parents should give children more rules to avoid the child's temper and temper.