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The happiness index is super high bilingual kindergarten opening! Bao Ma Bao dad come and see!

The happiness index is super high bilingual kindergarten opening! Bao Ma Bao dad come and see!

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  There are countless kindergartens in Wuhan. The teaching environment of a kindergarten is related to the children's childhood growth education. The future will directly affect the children's values and lifestyle.
  Choosing a good kindergarten for your child has almost become the most serious concern for every parent.
  Where to find a good kindergarten?
  This grand bilingual kindergarten may give you the answer.
  Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten
  Open the garden!
  In August, this is a season of harvest.
  It is a new beginning.
  It is a happy moment.
  Today, everyone is here,
  Seeing the birth of Qingjiang Jincheng Bilingual Kindergarten together!
  Starting from here, the child will become a bilingual student with excellent bilingualism.
  Starting from here, the children will become elites with excellent character, good habits, and physical strength.
  Now let's freeze the moment with the lens.
  The quality education you and your child want is here!
  On the morning of August 26th, 2017, the sun was shining, and there was a burst of laughter from the Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten at No. 59, Baisha 4th Road, Zhangjiawan, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, which is low-carbon green and colorful…
  It turned out that Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten opened!
  Let's go and have a look!
  Into the Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten opening scene
  Flying dreams, happy childhood
  —— Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten opened on August 26th!
  In the early morning of August 26, the energetic teachers and foreign teachers greeted the big friends and children at the entrance of the kindergarten early!
  Sign in to the scene
  Signing up to the scene is especially lively!
  The children are very fond of foreign teachers JAY
  Director's speech
  Parents are listening carefully to the speech of the mother of the garden.
  The head of the kindergarten took the stage to let all the parents know: the promise of the park, the purpose of the park, the idea of running the park, the goal of setting the park, and the garden style.
  Everyone has benefited a lot!
  Parents! Have you seen your own figure?
  Whole garden interaction
  The body smart apple game, parent-child interaction, and the development of parent-child games have greatly improved the parent-child relationship, making the parents and children more intimate, leaving a lot of laughter and laughter.
  Look, how happy they are!
  Foreign teacher JAY dance show
  Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten is a bilingual kindergarten
  Let the children grow up in a bilingual environment from an early age
  The opening ceremony of the Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten has prepared a variety of programs for the children and parents.
  Among them, the most popular foreign teacher Jay also came to the scene to give a dance show, versatile! Chivas Teacher English Square also promoted the atmosphere of the audience and made interesting English games. The children learned English in the game!
  Indoor game
  Colorful indoor games
  Free time
  Food sharing
  Playing and playing, everyone should be hungry.
  Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten provides delicious food to everyone!
  Into the Qingjiang Jincheng children
  Hubei Provincial Experimental Kindergarten Qingjiang Jincheng Garden is a direct-operated park under the Experimental Kindergarten of Hubei Province. It is located at No. 59, Baisha 4th Road, Zhangjiawan, Hongshan District, Wuhan (Qingjiang Jincheng Phase II). It is owned by the British Aston Park Early Childhood Chain and Hubei Experimental Kindergarten teamed up to build a matching kindergarten for the high-end brand Qingjiang Jincheng Community. The company is headquartered in the UK with early childhood education development, curriculum development and other projects. It is committed to creating a platform for the educational and cultural docking and resource sharing between the Aston Park Early Childhood Education Institute and the British Early Childhood Institution, so that more children can be immersed in British history. A long and unique education.
  Jiang Jincheng Kindergarten
  1. Education concept: patiently and lovingly presenting young children, rest assured and generous to parents, pay attention to individual differences, and cultivate comprehensive quality
  2. The purpose of the park: professionalization of teachers, exquisite services, humanization of the park, integration of courses, standardization of management
  3, garden training: practical, pragmatic, serious, patient work
  Into Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten
  The garden environment follows the safety, beauty purification and childlikeness as the decoration focus. The three are integrated into one, creating a garden belonging to the children's home. The whole park has a building area of ??about 2,980 square meters and 15 existing children's classrooms. Up to 100 square meters. It can accommodate more than 300 school-age children. According to the age of children, they can set up toll, small, medium and large classes. Following the law of the development of young children, choosing a suitable method and textbook for early childhood education to cultivate children's interest in learning is a modern kindergarten that manages the norms, educates the quality, and truly realizes the all-round development of children.
  A multi-purpose room, a hand-made room, a reading room, a health room and a large integrated game room are provided. The outdoor activities are wide, with basketball courts, circular runways, playgrounds, star farms, climbing walls, and large sports equipment areas. The activity room has a separate bathroom, equipped with a large-screen teaching machine, piano, 5P air conditioner, air sterilizer, disinfection cabinet, filter straight drinking fountains and other equipment, all kinds of facilities are available, for children's personality play, potential mining, Character formation creates favorable conditions.
  Basic course
  1. Five basic courses
  In the five fields of health, language, art, society and science, based on quality education, we will explore and cultivate children's multiple intelligences, commit themselves to the early development of children, and cultivate children's good life and study habits and excellent personality qualities.
  2, etiquette education
  From childhood, let the children know, appreciate, and enjoy the good behaviors and characters, and form good values. Children's etiquette and character education are the education that really affects the child's life.
  3, physical intelligence teaching
  Cultivate children's interest in participating in sports activities; let children's normal body development and function coordination; develop children's physical quality and basic ability; improve children's physical function adaptability; enrich children's knowledge and experience; develop children's good psychological quality and personality.
  Park special course
  1. Western education
  Our park is a long-time foreign international qualification teacher from the Aston Park Early Childhood Chain in England. It introduces Parkids English for Children and is a curriculum system specially designed for children aged 3 to 6 years old. This course was written by Dr. Haichen, Aston Parker Education Group, UK, and is only used by the direct labor park of Hubei Experimental Kindergarten.
  2. Provide UK parent-child study tours
  The British parent-child study tour is aimed at improving children's intellectual development and experiencing foreign life, and adapts to the international education atmosphere in advance. It is a way to strengthen the emotional communication between children and parents, and to enable children to have a learning and living environment that is very different from China. Our garden will also invite British families to bring their children to the park for short-term study visits and study in our school. Provide full-time professional services such as early childhood education, children's English, study tour, study abroad, and visa services for parents and young children.
  3, picture book reading
  The child's understanding of the outside world is to grasp the feeling from the whole, rather than to analyze it in detail. This kind of trait makes children rarely sit on the sidelines in the situation, and often participates in full participation. When reading a picture book with an adult, the child not only listens to other people's stories, but also integrates with the characters in the story to experience the story and feel the story situation. Picture book reading provides a rich emotional experience for young children to optimize their knowledge and intelligence.
  Personally configured nutritional recipes
  A healthy nutrition recipe that is configured weekly by a healthy nutrition expert to scientifically match meals. Let the children enhance their physical fitness during the garden. The ingredients are not only safe, nutritious, but also delicious. Young children are in a critical period of growth and development. The organs of the body continue to develop and mature gradually. The metabolism is relatively strong, and the demand for various nutrients is relatively higher than that of adults. Due to the growth characteristics of young children, the dietary arrangements need to be special. In addition to breakfast and lunch, our garden will arrange fruit meal and afternoon tea for one meal a day to meet the daily intake of vitamins and fiber. The recipes follow a rigorous and scientific screening and all villages are safely tested.
  Into the Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten
  Walk into the warm home of the child
  Let go of hope, grow up happily,
  Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten, looking forward to the arrival of every child.
  Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten has a warm and comfortable garden environment.
  Breaking the traditional teaching model,
  Professional faculty team, advanced education model
  Incorporate into the teaching by means of games,
  Develop children's interest in learning,
  The quality of getting along with people.
  Walking into Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten will be infected by a clean and invigorating parenting atmosphere.
  On August 26, Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten,
  It has been opened and warm to bloom!
  Registration hotline: 18064035626/65380503 (闵老师)
  Address: No. 59, Baisha 4th Road, Zhangjiawan, Hongshan District, Wuhan.