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  Raising a child is not an assembly machine. There is no book or a person who can tell you the standard answer. All methods vary from person to person. A quick and inexperienced education that seeks to be quick and effective will only be counterproductive. Since the birth of each life, there has been the power, ability and order of inner self-growth. Parents can't regard their “growth” as a “problem” because of their own limitations, and they become the real makers of children's problems without knowing it.
  The growth of the child is unstoppable! As long as the child can do what he or she must do, let him do as much as possible. It doesn't matter if you don't do well. Encourage him to come again. Maybe this will temporarily increase a lot of trouble, but the child can continue to accumulate experience and become a real problem solver in the process of repetition.
  First-rate parents are role models, second-rate parents are coaches, and third-rate parents are nannies. Parenting is to educate oneself. If you find inappropriate words and deeds from your child, you can find prototypes or traces here. Many times, in order to save their own efforts, parents put their children on mobile phones and TVs. When you blame the children for being obsessed and unable to extricate themselves, do you think about what you have wronged? Improve the time and quality of our accompanying children, multi-parent games, reading together, close to nature, let children do more hands-on, more labor, more experience, only parents themselves grow up, it is possible to better become a supporter of child growth.
  PS: I recommend a good book for everyone---“The Seed of Ann”, this is a picture book with a lot of Zen, each child is the seed of the millennium lotus, respecting its original appearance, solemnly giving a wait Enjoy the process of accompanying your child.