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The characteristics of the child in a sensitive period and the corresponding practices

The characteristics of the child in a sensitive period and the corresponding practices

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  Children have different qualities at different stages of growth. For example, they always like to bite things, which means that children are more sensitive. Next, we will tell you about some of the characteristics of children in sensitive period and the corresponding practices.
  Language violence
  Many moms and dads will find that children have a foul language and will curse others with some bad language. At this time, many parents will educate their children.
  Because at this stage, the child wants to prove that he has grown up and is able to scare others through language. Therefore, if Mom and Dad also use violence to educate their children, the child will feel that violence is useful. Therefore, you may wish to try to turn a deaf ear to this behavior and make the child feel that there is no fun. It is wrong to tell the child that if you do this, others will laugh at you and let the child recognize the mistake.
  The child will become very rigid in the process of growing up. The child does not want others to disrupt the order of his original life. Although this seems strange, the child becomes unreasonable and very self-willed. This is actually the child slowly forming. The period of order.
  Therefore, when the child is at this stage, Mom and Dad should not interfere violently, otherwise they will make the child feel that their order is always disrupted and lose their sense of security.
  Mom and Dad should think according to the specific situation of the child. For example, the child's sense of order is very strong, then the father and mother should train the child to develop the correct schedule. If the child's behavior is excessive, Mom and Dad should communicate with the child and let the child change. This will reduce the conflict between the two parties, and the child will trust the father and mother more in the future.
  Feel things with your mouth
  When the child's body organs are not yet fully developed, they will always put things in their mouths, and they will understand this thing through their mouths. Therefore, Mom and Dad don't have to worry about it. In fact, this is a necessary process for the child's perceived development, so Mom and Dad must guide the child correctly.
  Children are born with curiosity, so when you find that your child wants to put the item in his mouth, you can tell the child the name, performance, etc., and you can vividly explain to the child, put these things in How bad is inside the mouth. In this way, the child can understand this thing and also enhance the understanding between mom and dad and the child.
  Don't be tough to stop the child, otherwise it will affect your child's ability to explore in the future and let the child lose initiative.
  Baby's special period, the test period of Mom and Dad, during this period, Mom and Dad must be patient and take good care of the children.