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Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten Golden Autumn October Travel Notes

Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten Golden Autumn October Travel Notes

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  Autumn is not as vibrant as it was in the spring. There is no variety of flowers in the summer, and there is no obvious climate in winter, but it is particularly charming because of the harvest.
  The children have been chanting for a long time, and on this sunny Friday morning, they finally set off.
  The bus took us to the beautiful Orange Villa.
  Stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, let go of the intense work, and with our children, take a deep breath of fresh air, take a hike and see the scenery outside the city in the fall.
  Occasionally good luck
  You can also pick up one or two eggs under the tree.
  Digging sweet potatoes
  My little ones, so cute.
  I can't find a suitable word to describe the beautiful style of the father and son in the same frame at this moment.
  Flower-like man
  Full of happiness
  Occupy my screen.
  Hey, baby is so capable.
  Excavating potato masters
  Dig up
  This is my first trophy with my mother today.
  Full harvest
  Lotus Pavilion
  Take a break
  The newly harvested oranges are made into canned food, and the sweet potatoes are washed and processed slightly to make delicious sweet potato balls, which is delicious.
  Freshly cooked earth eggs
  Fragrant and delicious
  When you enjoy the delicious, don't forget to share it with your friends.
  Afternoon playground
  a big wave of children struck
  Of course, it also includes children who have grown up.
  I saw the children having a good time.
  Xiaobian also wants to play
  However, happy time always seems to go very fast.
  With the joy of harvest, our autumn tour has come to an end. Perhaps, these will be the children's happy memories of childhood, that is the flower I took, I remember you have seen it there…
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